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The Powaburu (ザ・パワブル Za Pawaburu) is a Beast Warrior creation of the Reconstructive Experiment Empire Mess.

Character History

A Beast Warrior hatched from an egg that was supposed to imprint on Leh Galus due to corresponding with his powers, allowing for it to empower Galus' projectiles within it's body. However, this gentle-natured monster befriended Lou, whom he imprinted to be his mother. Initially, when Lou transforms into Pink Flash, The Powaburu switches into a regular Beast Warrior and assists Galus; but when she changes back, it returns to it's sweeter nature due to only recognizing Lou, not Pink Flash, as it's mother. But when wounded in an attempt to protect her from Mess, this monster was recovered by Great Doctor Lie Köpflen who wiped out the creature's memories and forcefully grows it through Kuragen to turn it into a giant, rampaging beast. Even after Lou tries to appeal to it, the creature continues it's rampage, making her realize it was lost and that it had to be stopped. After it's death, Lou built a grave in memory of the good Powaburu prior to Mess' dark manipulations.


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Modus and Arsenal

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Behind the Scenes

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