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The Omnipotent God (全能の神 Zennō no Kami) also referred to as the Black Sun God, is the true leader of Machine Empire Black Magma and Führer Hell Saturn's ultimate master.

Character History

The Omnipotent God first appears as the "Black Sun God" worshipped by Hell Saturn as he awakens Queen Hedrian to become the main priestess making sacrifices for it in order to bring about victory for Black Magma. It is implied he was worshiped by the Aztec Empire as Quetzalcoatl. Black Magma steals two women from society (a teacher and a bride-to-be) to become its sacrifices during a ceremony performed by Hedrian, but Sun Vulcan (lead by VulPanther) prevent this from happening.Ep. 5: The Wicked Sun God

The Omnipotent God controls all of Black Magma's actions from behind the scenes, secretly influencing Führer Hell Saturn into whatever actions that are required for their success. However this influence slowly becomes lost as the organization takes in more outsiders who are not associated with it, including Queen Hedrian, her warrior Amazon Killer and ultimately the space outlaw Inazuma Ginga. When Inazuma Ginga ultimately turns against Hell Saturn due to being influenced to turn against him by Hedrian and Amazon Killer, he destroys the Black Sun God idol as a declaration of war against the leader, ultimately leading to Hell Saturn's death and revelation of being a mere Bio-Machine.Ep. 47: The Machine Empire's Rebellion

Yet with the Omnipotent God actually in control of Black Magma and still in need of Hell Saturn's service, the being revives his servant into a "living ghost", using him to further exert his control within the organization against the outsiders as well as to spook Queen Hedrian for turning against his word. Eventually reaching a breaking point with this servant, the Omnipotent God uses its power to start rusting Hedrian's mechanical heart, previously granted to her by Hell Saturn for the organization to help them but used as part of her previous rebellion. Showing a desire to please the "Black Sun God" while still in defiance about her eventual fate, Hedrian uses Vader magic to summon Misa Arashiyama, the daughter of Guardians of World Peace leader Daizaburou Arashiyama, to the North Pole to become a sacrifice in order to please the supposed supernatural being. But before she can complete the sacrifice, the rusting of her heart finally brings it to a stop, killing her instantly.Ep. 48: The Stolen Giant CarrierEp. 49: The Queen's Last Apparition Art

With Hedrian's death, the Omnipotent God takes a greater role in controlling Black Magma while remaining behind the scenes. Amazon Killer is soon made queen of the empire, while Inazuma Ginga is mutated into a Monger for his defiance against the organization by the spirit of Hell Saturn. As Sun Vulcan decides to mount a rescue mission to save Misa, they and Commander Arashiyama travel to the North Pole to raid Iron Claw Castle and save her. Once there, the Omnipotent God fully controls the movements of his organization, forcing first Amazon Killer to fight them in a final showdown, yet losing her when she commits suicide after a battle and reveals his location within the castle. Then he sacrifices his Monger Maker and Zero Girls to battle Sun Vulcan with the mecha King Magmar, which he tries to use an eclipse to take advantage but loses once the eclipse ends and the Aurora Borealis of the North Pole begins to shine once again.Ep. 49: The Queen's Last Apparition ArtFinal Ep.: Shine, North Pole Aurora

When Sun Vulcan finally reach the Ice Room of Iron Claw Castle, the Omnipotent God performs the ultimate psychological showdown with the heroes, recreating the spirits of all of their enemies while likewise creating an illusion of Misa begging for her life in order to force the team to surrender to it completely. The team does not know what to do in order to deal with the scenario, particularly Commander Arashiyama who was there in particular to save his daughter from Black Magma's clutches. Ultimately, Arashiyama decides to appear to go down on his knees to beg for mercy for his daughter as the Omnipotent God desired, only for him to use the stance to take VulEagle's Vulcan Stick and throw it right at the brain in the jar, killing it and making all of its spirits and illusions fall apart! Yet as a final failsafe with its death, the Omnipotent God sets off a final time-bomb giving the team five minutes to save Misa from imprisonment before they are killed within Iron Claw Castle's destruction! Within the nick of time, Sun Vulcan and Commander Arashiyama save Misa and escape with Jaguar Vulcan as the castle explodes, destroying the Omnipotent God and the final remains of Black Magma forever.Final Ep.: Shine, North Pole Aurora


As the leader of Black Magma, the Omnipotent God has many abilities that allow for it to use its powers to the fullest of potential regardless of its bizarre state. It fully controls all of the machines within Iron Claw Castle, allowing for them to move and activate at its command by mere thought. One of the machines it controls is the Monger Maker, which it can use to create Monger, sabotage Monger being createdEp. 48: The Stolen Giant Carrier or to reconfigure into a mecha form known as King Magmar. Any machine associated with Black Magma can be controlled by the Omnipotent God, including Queen Hedrian's mechanical heart which it made to start rusting with a mere thought in order to bring her towards her death.Ep. 49: The Queen's Last Apparition Art

It likewise has the ability to use supernatural abilities through merely its own brainpower, including turning dead spirits into living beings that remain "alive" as long as it does and the ability to fire shocks from its chamber towards any opponent trying to attack it. Likewise as a giant brain, its mind allows for it to calculate and determine all measures required for Black Magma's victory.


  • A later Power Rangers villain, Omni, is incredibly similar to him, as both stay behind the scenes for most of the series and both are living brains.
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