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The Omega Project is the twentieth episode of Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue. It features the debut of the Omega Megazord.


Joel's brainy little cousin Simon makes Ms. Fairweather aware of an approaching asteroid, which is being drawn to Earth by the demons in an attempt to level Mariner Bay. Fairweather unveils the Omega Megazord, which allows the Rangers to take a flight into space on a mission to destroy the asteroid before it can hit the planet.


Joel is with his younger cousin Simon looking at the starry night through his custom telescope. After showing Joel his custom scanner, Simon asks if he is ready to start working for Lightspeed. Although Joel tells Simon that Lightspeed is not a kids game, he tells him to work hard so one day, he can work wherever he wants, before heading back to the Aquabase. In the Demon World, Olympius shows Queen Bansheera an asteroid that is heading down to Earth with enough power to destroy it, but Simon sees the same thing as well through his telescope.

At the Aquabase, Ms. Fairweather finishes modifying the Battle Boosters so the Rangers can still summon the Max Solarzord even though Ryan is gone. In addition, Fairweather reveals the brand-new Omega Megazord project, and the Rangers are impressed with their new Zords. Joel arrives late from Simon’s place, and is caught trying to give Ms. Fairweather flowers when his cousin calls him from his Rescue Morpher. However, Joel is forced to shut the call down when Captain Mitchell catches him. Later, Joel meets with Simon in the Rescue Rover, and chews him out for getting him into trouble. Simon tells Joel about the asteroid he saw last night, and shows the latter the findings he made. Realizing the seriousness of the asteroid, Joel takes Simon to the Aquabase to tell Ms. Fairweather about it, but she is too busy to talk to him until Simon pushes him to. While Ms. Fairweather pushes Joel away, Simon sneaks to a computer and uploads his research for her to see it. Before Ms. Fairweather and Joel can berate Simon for his supposed meddling, the former sees the asteroid.

Before anything else can be done, the alarm goes off and the Rangers head out in the Rescue Rails to take out the meteor. The Lightspeed Solarzord is formed and the Rangers begin charging the lasers to full power before blasting at it. However, Queen Bansheera senses their interference, so Olympius blocks the Megazord out the sun so it loses power. The Rangers see Olympius, forcing them to leave the Lightspeed Solarzord to deal with him. However, Olympius is too strong for them, even with the added strength from the Battle Boosters, and to make things worse, Simon realizes that the asteroid is bigger and faster than previously calculated. Ms. Fairweather tells the Rangers the bad news and orders them back to the Aquabase as it is time to initiate the Omega Project. Meanwhile, the Demons watch in anticipation of their plan coming through and Queen Bansheera plans to make Olympius her second in command if this works, frustrating Lokar and Vypra.

Returning to the Aquabase, the Omega Zords are placed inside the Rescue Rails as the Rangers head out, Joel giving Simon reassurance as he leaves. The Rail Rescues attach to the Max Solarzord as it takes the Rangers into space and into the asteroid shower. The Rangers enter their Omega Zords and combine to form the Omega Crawler, landing on the asteroid after Chad makes them a clear path. The Omega Crawler moves further along the asteroid, deploying explosives into it as it does. However, when the Rangers finish at to the second location, Queen Bansheera awakens the asteroid, trapping the Rangers with its claws. With no other choice, Carter decides to detonate the explosives manually, transforming the Omega Crawler into the Omega Megazord. The new Megazord stabs its Omega Staff into the ground, detonating the asteroid and getting them caught in the blast. Everybody in the Aquabase fear that the Rangers perished in the explosion, but thankfully, Carter reassures them that they are all alright, much to their relief.

The Rangers return to the Aquabase with applause, and Joel congratulates Ms. Fairweather and Simon for a job well done. Taking Simon aside, Joel tells him to ask Ms. Fairweather out on a date on his behalf. Simon does so, but Ms. Fairweather decides to take him to the planetarium instead, much to Joel’s frustration as the Rangers laugh at his failed attempt.



  • Several shots from GoGoFive footage shows the Rangers with the yet-to-be-introduced Thermo Blasters on their left hips.
  • Olympius mispronounced the Lightspeed Solarzord as the Lightspeed Solarzoid.
  • The button for the Omega Megazord is labeled V-Mars Transform.
  • When the Rangers see Queen Bansheera, Chad says “We can’t move” before the asteroid came to life and grabbed the Megazord.


  • This episode features no monster made by the Demons.
  • Joel has a little cousin who is about as smart as Ms. Fairweather, despite his young age.
  • The color of the asteroid resembles Dark Specter's hide.
  • As of this episode, due to the absence of Ryan, the Max Solarzord is controlled by the five main Rangers' Battle Boosters in a similar way the Delta Megazord was controlled by Andros' Battlizer.

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