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The Omega Project is the twentieth episode of Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue. It features the debut of the Omega Megazord.


Joel's brainy little buddy Simon makes Ms. Fairweather aware of an approaching asteroid, which is being drawn to Earth by the demons in an attempt to level Mariner Bay. Fairweather unveils the Omega Megazord, which allows the Rangers to take a flight into space on a mission to destroy the asteroid before it can hit the planet.


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  • Olympius mispronounced the Lightspeed Solarzord as the Lightspeed Solarzoid.
  • The button for the Omega Megazord is labeled V-Mars Transform.
  • When the rangers see Queen Bansheera, Chad says “we can’t move” before the asteroid came to life and grabbed the Megazord.


  • This episode features no monster made by the Demons.
  • Joel has a little cousin who is about as smart as Ms. Fairweather, despite his young age.
  • The color of the asteroid resembles Dark Specter's hide.

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