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The 2nd version

"Duplication mode!"
Sinuku's command for the Ninja Robot to create duplicates.[src]

The Ninja Robot was one of the many Troobian Empire Robots providing by Broodwing.


The Ninja Robot was acquired by Sinuku through a bargain he broke with Broodwing where Gruumm would get the Demagnetons he had if he got assistance getting to his former assistant Dr. Rheas to find thier activator. Partway through Syd and Jack's stakeout of Dr Rheas' house, this robot tore through the city streets and Sinuku entered it using it's control panel and went through a rampage. The Delta Runners were deployed and they formed the Delta Squad Megazord to combat it. The Megazord immediately opened fire but the Ninja Robot rolled through it and jump kicked the Megazord back before activating Duplication Mode, creating a giant circle of clones around the Megazord. With the Rangers surprised, the robots flipped past the Megazord, vanishing upon landing but confusing the Megazord enough to be punch it back. It deployed the Delta Sword, charging only to vanish when hit by an energy slash and revealing it to be fake. They then mowed down the rest with the Delta Blaster until one was left and they unleashed the Delta Strike. However, it vanished as well which revealed that the real robot and Sinuku had escaped during the multi-clone attack.

Later, after Sinuku was beaten by Jack during a duel at the scrap yard, he summoned the Ninja Robot from underground and entered it only to be confronted by the Delta Squad Megazord once more. It once again tried it's duplication technique and the swarm attack but they were all taken down by the Delta Blaster and the Ninja Robot (which was suddenly camouflaged) was forced back to normal as well. However, Sinuku's robot drew a giant Demagnetron and fired on the Megazord at 100% power, instantly taking down the Megazord and causing severe damage. However, it was not destroyed so Sinuku set it to 1000 times the power (since "no machine can survive that") and fired as the Megazord recovered. However, the Megazord managed to catch the blast between it's hands and throw it back at the Ninja Robot. Sinuku just had enough time to eject before the blast hit and destroyed the robot. In spite of his escape, Sinuku was quickly judged guilty and was brought in by the Canine Cannon. Stakeout

A while later, a second, silver version of the Ninja Robot was deployed into the city which was now piloted by the infamous Wootox. The Delta Squad Megazord was deployed and overwhelmed it with it's Delta Sword but was blasted. Whilst the Megazord was stunned, Wootox took flight in the Ninja Robot and the Rangers bemoaned his escape until Sky had an idea and had Doggy morph into the Shadow Ranger. Wootox preemptively celebrated his escape only to come face to face with the Delta Command Megazord. With Wootox too surprised to dodge, they shot it with the Finger Lasers, mowing it down and the Ninja Robot exploded on contact with the ground. Wootox managed to survive it's destruction only to be arrested. Although he switched bodies with Sky, the Rangers soon discovered the truth and had their bodies switched back before containing Wootox with the Canine Cannon. Recognition

Powers and abilities

First model

  • Strength-Single punches whilst falling knocked back the Delta Megazord.
  • Duplication Mode-The Ninja Robot's main ability where it does an hand gesture (index fingers and thumbs inter-locked) and creates at least a dozen copies of itself, enough to create a large circle around the Megazord.
  • Burrowing-Literally the first time that the audience sees the Ninja Robot, it is burrowing out from underground.
  • Teleportation-The Ninja Robot's control panel was able to teleport Sinuku into it in a giant green energy ball.
  • Agility-The Ninja Robot was agile enough to enter a complete roll to avoid the Delta Megazord's initial attack.
  • Super Jumps-The Ninja Robot and it's clones jumped a considerable distance to smack the Megazord.
  • Voice Projection-Sinuku was able to project his voice through the fake copy that was destroyed by the Delta Strike (audibly saying "NO!" despite already having escaped).
  • Invisibility-As seen after the failure of the second clone swarm attack, the Ninja Robot can now camouflage itself against the background. This is presumably how it escaped it's first battle.

Second model

  • Strength-The Ninja Robot was able to knock back the Delta Squad Megazord with one swing.
  • Durability-The Ninja Robot was able to shrug off several slashes from the Delta Sword.
  • Lightning Blast-Unlike the previous model, the 2nd Ninja Robot was able to fire a blue energy beam from it's forehead that was able to immobilize the Megazord enough for it to fly away unhindered.
  • Flight-The Ninja Robot was able to fly using the jet thrusters on it's back. This was another power that the original Ninja Robot lacked.


  • Fists-Neither version of the Ninja Robot had any weapons for the most part but used their fists to assault the Delta Squat Megazord.
  • Demagnetrons-The original version of the Ninja Robot wielded a gigantic version of Sinuku's Demagnetrons which were capable of apparently destroying any machine.
    • Fireball Generation-The Demagnetron was able to fire a massive orange fireball-like energy ball that was strong enough to take down the Megazord with one hit at 100% power at 1000% would have apparently destroyed it completely had they not thrown it back.



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