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The Ninja Encounter is a three-part episode and the twenty-second, twenty-third and twenty-fourth episodes of the second season of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.

It featured the debuts of Rocky DeSantos, Adam Park, and Aisha Campbell who would go on to become the new Mighty Morphin Red, Black, and Yellow Rangers respectively.


Three teens from the nearby Stone Canyon High School come to Angel Grove for a ninja tournament and find themselves targeted for recruitment by Lord Zedd to become his new Dark Rangers. In the meantime, he creates the Terror Blossom to destroy the Power Rangers and plans to create hundreds of other versions of him. In the meantime, he ressurects the immensely powerful Hatchasaurus from Season 1 who is stronger than even the Thunderzords. Can the Power Rangers put a stop to Zedd's schemes or is this truly the end?!


Tommy, Kimberly, and Billy meet Stone Canyon High Students Rocky DeSantos, Adam Park, and Aisha Campbell as well as their favorite teacher Hank Anderson and his baby son Jacob, after saving the child from a runaway stroller. Later that day, the Rangers watch the newcomers win a ninja tournament against a trio of undefeated but nasty champions from Hasper City, who caused the stroller incident.

Zedd was interested in recruiting the Hasper City champions because of their evil qualities, but when he learned that the other side won the tournament, he was furious. Goldar offered to search the planet for people with the same qualities as the Hasper City trio, but Zedd had no choice but to recruit the Stone Canyon teens instead. He sent Goldar to kidnap the three kids and Mr. Anderson, while a platoon of Putties, despite being defeated by Tommy, Kimberly and Billy, kept them from rescuing their new friends.

While Bulk and Skull looked after Jacob, the Rangers had to balance rescuing the four civilians while saving Angel Grove from two monsters. They managed to defeat the monsters and save the hostages at the last second, but as Billy was wrestling with Zedd's evil snake, he was severely weakened. Tommy threw the snake off of Billy while Kimberly blasted it. The two Rangers had to take Billy's helmet off for him to avoid suffocating. However, unbeknownst to them, Rocky, Adam, and Aisha were watching on from the entrance to the cave, and inadvertently learned the identities of the Power Rangers.

While Mr. Anderson is reunited with Jacob, Rocky, Adam, and Aisha are taken to the Command Center. Zordon decides to trust the three with the secret of the Rangers' identities, due to their bravery and after having Alpha run background checks on them and finding them to be of good character. Rocky, Adam, and Aisha take a vow to never reveal what they have learned, and they reunite with their new friends.



Part I

  • In the first shot, Jason and Trini's stand-ins' faces can be seen from the side and front respectively.
  • The opening shot of the picnic has Tommy sitting off to the far left of the group with Kimberly to his left and Billy to his right, but the follow-up has Kimberly sitting at the far left with Tommy in her place.
  • When Bulk and Skull walk by, Jason is sitting next to Billy, but the shots that include Billy, Kimberly, and Tommy do not feature him at all.
  • One shot with Trini shows the hill behind her is covered in leaves but the establishing shot depicted it with none.
  • When one of the black ninja says, "I wish we could start this thing," it is clearly dubbed as the actor is mouthing the line.
  • The black ninjas are standing apart in the wide-shot of Jacob rolling away, but are then clumped together when the scene gives a close-up of them bullying Anderson.
  • While clearing the last of the Putties, Tommy kicks a Putty who goes down despite the kick not making physical contact with it.

Part II

The frame error

  • When Zedd creates Terror Blossom, there are about fifty frames where a black-brown slide appears that says "Zedd makes flower guy appear."
  • The White Tigerzord completely disappears from the fight from when it landed in the city alongside the Thunder Megazord up until the volcano attack and then disappeared again until Tommy finished the monster off.
  • When the Hatchasaurus hits both Megazords with his shoulder volcanos, one can see AC's shoulder on the left side of the screen (which would be the White Tigerzord's right).
  • During the Megazord fight, there are a plethora of footage errors; these include appearances of the original Megazord, Hatchasaurus constantly switching between his three forms, and frequent instances of the surrounding changing from the city to the mountains and from day to night between shots.
  • The Rangers were able to destroy the Hatchasaurus seemingly without destroying Cardiatron.
  • Near the end of the episode, Trini and Zack are frozen with their arms outstretched but the follow-up distant shot has them relaxed despite them being unable to move.

Part III

  • The opening shot of the episode has Zack and Trini's outstretched again despite them being relaxed in the last episode.
  • Billy tells Zordon that the stimulator failed despite already telling everybody that.
  • When Zordon reassures Billy right after that, Billy and Alpha are to the direct right of Tommy, but he vanishes in the follow-up and then reappears in the following shot.
  • When the Rangers react to the giant sized Terror Blossom, they are suddenly in the mountains.
    • Trini is behind Zack in that shot but is then directly to his right when they summon the Thunderzords in the follow-up.
  • The White Heavenly Treasure Lai-Lai Jewel is clearly visible in the shot of Tommy jumping into the White Tigerzord.
  • When Tommy lands on the White Tigerzord, Saba is held downwards but the follow-up of the Zord rearing onto its hind legs has Saba suddenly being held sideways.
  • The shot immediately after the stock Zord summoning has the Red Dragon Thunderzord rearing its head on a stormy night but the follow-ups show broad daylight.
  • Zordon tells Alpha to contact Tommy but proceeds to do so himself with Alpha not even being anywhere near a console.

Reversed Falling

  • Due to reversing stock footage, Tommy falls backwards.


  • This is the First episode to use archive footage of Jason, Zack, and Trini from previous ones to hide the fact that their actors had already left the show before proper departure scenes could be filmed. Among the footage used is mainly "Two Heads are Better than One", (recognizable from Zack's flattop), and some from "The Song of Guitardo" (recognizable from the appearance of Kimberly's guitar).
  • To match the archive footage, Billy wears his older glasses while Tommy wears green clothes despite now being the White Ranger, even though his shirt from "Two Heads are Better than One" has both colors. He even ties his long hair into a ponytail before teleporting to the Command Center.
  • Part I is the first episode in the franchise which employs no Sentai footage as well as being the first in which none of the Rangers appeared morphed.
  • This is the first multi-part storyline to not have a monster appear in all of its parts.
  • The initial fight scene against Terror Blossom which ends with Jason kicking him down and retreating as well as the subsequent scene where he freezes Jason, Zack, and Trini was originally supposed to be a single fight in the scripts.
  • The song featured in the beginning of Part I is entitled "She's Got the Answers". It was written by Ron Wasserman and featured in "Sweet Valley High", another Saban-produced show.
  • Jacob Anderson is played by Jacob Frank, Jason David Frank's first child from his first marriage.
  • Part II is the only time that a monster was able to survive a charged slash from the Thunder Saber.
  • In earlier broadcasts of Part III, the song "Baby Sittin' Boogie" by Buzz Clifford was featured during the scene in which Bulk and Skull attempted to change Jacob's diaper. For later airings, as well as the DVD, and streaming services, it was replaced with Bulk and Skull's background music for copyright reasons.

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