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The Nenjiki (ザ・ネンジキ Za Nenjiki) is a Beast Warrior creation of the Reconstructive Experiment Empire Mess

Character History

The Nenjiki is a Beast Warrior with a horn similar to that of a unicorn that is tied to several of its abilities. When attached to it, the Beast Warrior can grant any wish to whomever touches the horn; however, whoever makes a wish gains a mark underneath their right eye similar to the mark of Ley Nefel; the mark is a mark of brainwashing that allows for the Beast Warrior to make them it's servant when needed. However when the horn of The Nenjiki falls off, the horn continues to possess wishing powers but in a different manner: it can grant wishes with no consequences or brainwashing, but it only has enough power to grant seven wishes.

The Flashman encounter Nefel and The Nenjiki granting children wishes while building a secret army; however they end up breaking off the horn accidentally where it ends up in the hands of Sara and Lou. The Flash girls use the horn to grant several wishes:

  1. Sara heals a wound Lou took in battle
  2. Lou wishes for drinks
  3. Sara wishes for a swimsuit
  4. Sara wishes for a summer outfit
  5. Lou wishes for lunch
  6. Sara wishes for her and Lou to go to an amusement park

The final wish was to be used to find Sara's mother (Lou gave it to her), but a girl who was to be part of Nefel's scheme stop them from using it wanting to use the horn's power for friends. In the midst of the confusion, Nefel retakes the horn and uses the last wish to reattach it to The Nenjiki and repower it as well as activate their child soldiers. The Flashman break the horn off again to stop them, then destroy The Nenjiki with the Rolling Vulcan; then later with Great Titan's Titan Nova.


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Modus and Arsenal

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Behind the Scenes

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