This article is about a/an comic story in Power Rangers Operation Overdrive.

The Need for Speed is a comic story based on Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, which was printed as part of the 50th issue of Egmont's UK Power Rangers Magazine.[1]



While the Red Ranger tests the new Sonic Streaker zord, the other Rangers go to an alert at the Nuclear Power Station. Inside, the Fearcats have repaired the Prison Mirror ard are trying to release their army, but the repairs cause the mirror to malfunction and it sends through mutated monsters. As the Fearcats cannot control them, they run outside where the Rangers are waiting for them. The Fearcats teleport away, leaving the Rangers to battle the monsters but because they are unstable the monsters start to implode. The Red Ranger joins the Mercury Ranger inside the Power Station where they find the Prison Mirror, but it is also unstable and about to implode. The Red Ranger takes it into the Sonic Streaker and using its speed manages to fly out of the city and drop the Mirror into the sea before it implodes.[2]




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