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Rita Repulsa is replaced by Lord Zedd and a new monster takes control of the zords. The new season is adapted from Gosei Sentai Dairanger.


Part I

The six teens enter a four wheeler event to raise funds for the children's hospital. Rita Repulsa's palace is overtaken by her superior, Lord Zedd. On Earth, the Rangers detect a disturbance in the weather. Lord Zedd transforms Rita's domain into his own, gives Goldar his wings back, and puts Rita Repulsa in a miniature space dumpster. She's hurled off into space and is betrayed by Goldar.

Zordon notices Zedd's presence and alerts the Rangers. The six abandon their bikes to go to the Command Center. Zordon informs them of the new threat.

Back at the moon, Lord Zedd creates his new brand of Putties - adorned in vests with a "Z" in the center. They're sent to Angel Grove's fund raiser, and attack Bulk and Skull. The Power Rangers go to rescue them. The new brand of Putties prove to be stronger than the old batch. They discover, though, that if they hit the foot soldiers' "Z" emblems, they explode. The six report back to Zordon and Alpha. Tommy is told to stay behind because his power needs to be re-energized.

Lord Zedd turns a piranha into his new warrior, Pirantishead. The five main Rangers confront it in the city, but the monster freezes four of the Dinozords.

Part II

Tyrannosaurus Dinozord wasn't hit by Pirantishead's freeze ray, but that doesn't last and it succumbs to the monster's thrall. It turns on the Rangers and blasts them. Tommy joins his comrades, and summons Dragonzord to fend off Tyrannosaurus. Dragonzord briefly defends the Rangers, until Pirantishead puts Green Ranger's zord under his control, too.

Pirantishead then sets the two zords upon the Rangers. They find themselves quickly overpowered, and Tommy tries distracting the zords with the Dragon Dagger while the others attempt to reach the zords controls. However this doesn't work, and the Rangers are blasted back. With no other options, the Rangers are forced to retreat.

Back at the Command Center, Zordon and Alpha introduce the team to the Thunderzords - Red Ranger's Red Dragon Thunderzord, Black Ranger's Lion Thunderzord, Blue Ranger's Unicorn Thunderzord, Yellow Ranger's Griffin Thunderzord and Pink Ranger's Firebird Thunderzord. Green Ranger is too weak to control a Thunderzord at the moment. The Rangers can't activate their new zords until the old ones are freed from Pirantishead's control.

Using the Command Center computer's calculations, Billy creates a machine to block the signal controlling the zords. Trini and Billy work on that while the other four go fight the Putties at the bike rally. Bulk and Skull run into the monster and it makes their four wheelers ride backwards.

Tyrannosaurus and Dragonzord appear and attack the Rangers again.

Part III

Tyrannosaurus and Dragonzord begin to attack the bystanders of the bike event. Billy and Trini complete the device to stop Pirantishead's signal.

When it doesn't work at first, the five main Rangers decide to use the Power Blaster to buy some time. Although it initially appears that they intend to fire on the Zords, they instead turn it on Pirantishead and manage to blast him. Billy and Tommy use the time to troubleshoot the machine, and the Blue Ranger realizes that a battery was accidentally placed upside down. Finally the device works just as the Tyrannosaurus and Dragonzord are about to finish off the Rangers, and the two are freed.

Lord Zedd uses his magic to sink the zords below the Earth's surface. Dragonzord is sent to slumber in the ocean before Zedd can do the same to it. Alpha is able to recover enough of the old zords to create the Thunderzords, however Zordon confirms that Tommy's powers are too weak to support a new zord. Zedd has turned Pirantishead into a giant. The Thunderzords are called for and form Thunder Megazord. It finishes off Pirantishead with the Thunder Saber. Tommy watches the battle from the Command Center, and Alpha says that they'll find a way to fully recharge his powers.

Lord Zedd is furious over his first loss and blames his underlings. Finster mutters that it wouldn't have happened if they had used one of his monsters, but Zedd silences him and declares in a terrifying manner that he will reduce the Earth to mere cinders.

Back at the Command Center, Zordon tells Tommy that Dragonzord's power is now also compromised and will on occasion fail. On the viewing globe, the Rangers see what happened to Rita. She's stuck in her space dumpster, floating in space. Bulk and Skull are stuck on their bikes, which are still under the influence of Pirantishead's magic. The gang uses the device to help them. Everyone rides their bikes across the finish line of the race.

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  • This is the first appearance of Lord Zedd. His terrifying and menacing manner of speech, along with his catchphrases and grotesque appearance angered parents; the episodes Rangers Back in Time and The Wedding are episodes that mark a change in personality for Zedd that fans often mark as the downfall of the character.
  • Alpha 5 comically refers to Billy's signal blocker device as food, running on the common joke in television media of robots using metal and occasionally oils as nourishment the same way that food and drink are to humans.
  • This three-parter was originally titled "The Return of Lord Zedd".
  • Lord Zedd is an American creation, as are the new Putties.
  • This was the first story to mix Zyu2 footage with DaiRanger footage. Because of this, Pirantishead is never seen in the same shot with Thunder Megazord. Exceptions are when there's an explosion or big cloud of smoke in between Thunder Megazord and the monster.
  • Finster won't make another monster until "The Wedding".
  • Lord Zedd restores Goldar's wings, which were said to have been taken away. Rita apparently did so due to a previous failure, but no exact onscreen episode ever depicted it.
  • An American actress, Carla Perez, is used for the US footage of Rita Repulsa, but her face is obstructed or shadowed in every scene.
  • The Z-Putties footage is completely American.
  • With this three-parter, Bulk and Skull embark on a season-long subplot of trying to learn the identity of the Power Rangers.
  • Zack mentions Pudgy Pig from last season's "Food Fight" and "A Pig Surprise".
  • Pudgey Pig would later appear in Marvel Comics Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #4, and archive footage in "Lights, Camera, Action".
  • Jason coins the expression "Back to action!" in Part 1.
  • The first time the Rangers go directly to using Zords against a monster without trying to fight it hand-to-hand, and only the second time Zords are (intended to be) used against a human-sized enemy (the first being against the Green Ranger in "Green With Evil").
  • The ending credits for these episodes are just the credits rolling over images of the Dinozords. Later episodes would appropriately show the Thunderzords.
  • Pirantishead's head fins can't stand erect in the US footage.
  • The new opening credits for season two debut in the third part. It includes stock footage from Season 1, but also new cast individual shots, the Thunderzords and Lord Zedd.
  • Even though the Rangers have new zords, they still have the same costumes, same weapons and morphing phrases. The American series did not upgrade the Ranger costumes by using the Japanese counterpart series, Gosei Sentai Dairanger. Only the zords, monsters and the White Ranger are lifted from Dairanger. The cockpit for the Thunder Megazord is a US creation.
  • Apparently Finster's lab is still intact within Zedd's reconstruction of Rita's palace.
  • Zordon laughs for the first time in the conclusion of this three-parter.
  • In the original Gosei Sentai Dairanger, there is no Black Ranger. Instead, there's a Green Ranger, which is why the Lion Thunderzord has a green face and green lightning appears in front of it during the Thunder Megazords transformation sequence.
  • Part 1 features the first time morphed Rangers don't wear their helmets.
  • Shortly before Tommy morphs back into action to fight the Pirantishead in Part 2 his helmet appears on his head with green energy, this would be the only episode this method would be used.
  • The book "Lord Zedd Strikes Back" was based on the three-parter.
  • Final appearance of Ami Kawai as Scorpina, Sabrina Lu would be used as her replacement in US footage in her next and final overall appearance in Goldar's Vice-Versa.
  • This is the first episode to play the second version of the song Go Green Ranger Go.
  • The song, Ride the Machine plays during the race in Part 1 & 3, and plays again in "Follow that Cab!".


  • Zedd creates Pirantishead from a piranha (from what is assumed to be in Angel Grove), but those type of fish aren't naturally found in North American waters.
  • Pirantishead freezes the Dinozords, but Pterodactyl Dinozord should fall upon being frozen rather than still being in midair.
  • The Sabretooth Tiger Dinozord is frozen while in the midst of the Megazord transformation, even though the Rangers didn't initiate/call for the Megazord transformation.
  • The Zords are very big. So why didn't the bystanders notice these huge robots before riding their bikes into their direction? Dragonzord's missiles and Tyrannosaurus' breath attack would have surely killed these people, but all it did was blow up some ground.
  • Zordon mistakenly calls the Thunder Megazord (its official title) the "Mega Thunderzord". This happens several times this season.
  • Red Ranger's Power Sword appears while Dragonzord's runs amok on the city, but then disappears quickly in the next shot.
  • Lion Thunderzord only has rear legs during the Mastodon Dinozord to Thunderzord sequence.
  • Black Ranger's Power Axe appears to be missing some components from its design during the Power Blaster scene.
  • As Billy Switches the upside down battery some skin can be seen under his right glove.
  • When the Tyrannosaurus and Dragonzord nearly step on the Rangers before being released from Pirantishead's spell, the shadows on the ground clearly show two people holding the feet in order to create the forced perspective of the shot.
  • In the second-to-last shot of Part II, the misty white aura surrounding the Tyrannosaurus and Dragonzord was missing.
  • During the battle sequence between Pirantishead and the Thunder Megazord, during the explosions you can see parts of the original Megazord. This is due to the use of Zyu2 footage.


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