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The Messenger [1] is the nineteenth episode of Power Rangers Megaforce. Continuing from the previous episode, it is the first part of the two-parter season finale. It is the debut of Vrak's cyborg form as well as that of The Messenger. The Armada that the Messenger works for appears in the final scene.


The Mega Rangers' victory over the Insectoid Warstar aliens is short-lived when they discover Metal Alice has turned Vrak into a powerful and menacing cyborg, but with amnesia. And to make things worse, the Messenger arrives to inform Metal Alice the invasion is ready. Later, Vrak regains his memories following his fight with the rangers. The Messenger calls the invasion and a mysterious entity answers.


The Rangers celebrate their recent victory in the Command Center. They remember their fights against Creepox, Bigs, Bluefur, and a few of the monsters. Jake teases Tensou with the drink. Metal Alice finds Vrak's body in the Warstar wreckage.

Troy stares at the Ranger Keys and remembers his dreams about the Legendary Battle. Troy feels that the battle isn't over. Gia tries to cheer him up. At the underwater base, Metal Alice completes her latest robot. Back at the Command Center, Tensou warns the Rangers about a new evil. The Rangers race to the city, where they are greeted by Loogies. After a quick fight against the Loogies, the Rangers morph into action. Robo Knight enters the scene and thins out the swarm of Loogies. Metal Alice also enters the scene and introduces her latest creation: Cyborg Vrak.

The Rangers are surprised to see Vrak. Metal Alice tells the Rangers how she found Vrak and revived him into this new form. Cyborg Vrak walks towards the Rangers. Red Ranger powers up to Ultra Mode. Red Ultra Megaforce Ranger and Cyborg Vrak engage in a a quick fight. The Rangers power up to Ultra Mode. Robo Knight forms the Vulcan Cannon. All of their efforts fail against Vrak's new form. Cyborg Vrak blasts the Rangers, forcing them to demorph. Metal Alice prepares a missile towards a nearby building. Cyborg Vrak pushes the button. His body starts to malfunction. Metal Alice takes the opportunity to retreat with Vrak. The Rangers ride the Lion Mechazord into the missile. Back at the underwater base, Metal Alice examine's the damages on Cyborg Vrak. The Messenger arrives in the base with a message from the Prince. Metal Alice completes the repairs. Back in the city, The Ultra Megaforce Rangers are greeted by Metal Alice, Cyborg Vrak, and the Messenger. Red Ultra Megaforce Ranger faces off against the Messenger, who is too strong for him. The Rangers struggle against Cyborg Vrak. Robo Knight blasts Metal Alice out of the warehouse. Cyborg Vrak arrives in time to protect Metal Alice. Red Ultra Megaforce Ranger weakens the mesenger. Back at the Base, Metal Alice repairs Cyborg Vrak and remembers the recent fight. Vrak watches some clips of his past fights and interactions with Malkor. The Rangers find Cyborg Vrak. Red Ranger engages in a sword fight with him. Cyborg Vrak defeats the Red Ranger. Back at the underwater base, the Messenger calls the Armada for the final attack.


Power Cards

  • Megaforce Red - Dragon Headder (x2), Dragon Sword (x3), Gosei Dynamic, Miracle Gosei Power (x2),
  • Megaforce Pink - Phoenix Headder, Phoenix Shot (x2), Gosei Dynamic, Miracle Gosei Power (x2), Miracle Gosei Dynamic, Twistornado (in Trifusion)
  • Megaforce Black - Snake Headder, Snake Axe (x2), Gosei Dynamic, Miracle Gosei Power (x2), Miracle Gosei Dynamic, Rockrush
  • Megaforce Yellow - Tiger Headder, Tiger Claw (x2), Gosei Dynamic, Miracle Gosei Power, (x2) Miracle Gosei Dynamic, Megaquake (in Trifusion)
  • Megaforce Blue - Shark Headder, Shark Bowgun (x2), Gosei Dynamic, Miracle Gosei Power (x2), Miracle Gosei Dynamic, Seashower (in Trifusion)
  • Robo Knight - Vulcan Headder, Knight Dynamic, Lion Mechazord


  • In the final scene, the voice who said "Affirmative" was provided by Jason Fitch. However the character who said it has yet to be revealed.
  • Mr.Burley and Ernie are credited, but they don't appear in this episode.


  • The Rangers somehow knew that Metal Alice was still alive, despite them believing she had been destroyed after their previous battle.
  • During the first fight against Vrak, Japanese writing can be seen.
  • Between the shots of Vrak malfunctioning, and the missile being launched, Metal Alice and Vrak switch places.

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