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"Is that Vrak? We thought he had perished."
―The Messenger's first words when confronting Metal Alice and Vrak in their Underwater Compound.[src]

"I am a special envoy from The Armada. I am here to confirm that everything is ready for the prince's invasion."
―The Messenger explaining himself to Metal Alice after she demanded to know who he was after his first words to her.[src]

"Allow me to fight them. I am a small preview of what's to come."
―The Messenger's self-introduction to the Mega Rangers.[src]

"And now, a new era is about to begin. It is a shame you will not be here to see it coming!"
―The Messenger to the Mega Rangers.[src]

"Sir, if I were you, I would go into hiding. The Armada will be here at any minute and the place will be crawling with new soldiers. They won't recognize you and may mistake you for an enemy. You must hide! There will be thousands upon thousands of them. They've gathered here to attack from all across the universe."
―The Messenger's final words to Vrak.[src]

The Messenger was a member of The Armada who worked for Prince Vekar as an advance scout and worked as a general of the Robots. He served as the final antagonist of Power Rangers Megaforce.


Messenger arrives in Vrak's Underwater Laboratory to see what had become of Vrak after a battle with the Mega Rangers gravely injures him. He is impressed with his new cybernetic form. His arrival prompts Metal Alice to rush her repairs and reconstruction of Vrak's mind. He notes how the Armada believes Vrak to be dead, but with his permission, gives the Armada the go-signal to begin a full-scale assault. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Messenger

During the final battle led by Vrak, the Messenger goes head-to-head with Robo Knight and defeated him but not before he himself was weakened by Robo Knight. The Messenger is then beaten when the Mega Rangers combined Robo Knight's power with their Ultra Power. However, his head endures enough for him to tell Vrak about the upcoming Armada attack and advise him to go into hiding since his cyborg form would make him unrecognizable and may mistake him for an enemy. It's unknown how the Messenger dies when the Armada attacks. Tvicon.png TV STORY-End Game


The Messenger followed a warrior's code of honor, loyalty, and dignity but was happy to dispose of those who stood in the way of Warstar and Armada's conquests. He highly respected the Royal Family and those who faithfully served their very same cause, such as Metal Alice. The Messenger was an elite soldier who followed his orders without question and an android who was programmed to send messages from Prince Vekar or the Armada without caution. The Messenger also showed that he worried for Vrak's safety due to his current cyborg form and worried that he will be mistaken for an enemy and hunted down.

The Messenger (head)

Powers and Abilities


  • Power-The Messenger's overall might was substantially high, considerably greater than those of Creepox, Bigs and Bluefur and comparable to those of Metal Alice and Vrak's cyborg mode, second only to Admiral Malkor's titanic power and Vrak's prince form.
  • Teleportation: The Messenger was able to teleport to any location at will.
  • Ultimate Disintegrator: The Messenger could open the valve at his chest to reveal a large cannon, from which he can fire a massive yellow-hued energy beam of devastating power. This was by far his most powerful attack as it took down all five Rangers and Robo Knight and was only countered by them combining their Ultra Strike with the Knight Dynamic.
  • Reformation-The Messenger could repair and reform himself as long as he is not fully damaged.
  • Chest Wind Blast: The Messenger was able to fire strong gusts of wind from his chest.
  • Cannon Barrage-The Messenger could fire a barrage of yellow or pale orange energy blasts from the small cannons on his arms.
  • Missile Barrage: The Messenger could unleash a massive repertory of mighty missiles and projectiles engulfed in red energy that blasted his enemies away across and apart, swooping them up like an angry swarm.
  • High Gear: The Messenger could keep fighting against his foes for longer than most of his kind due to his relatively low usage of energy relative to his size, increasing his dynamism as the fight intensifies.
  • Optic Beams: The Messenger could launch powerful red-pink energy beams from his four eyes, which could stun, damage, and blow adversaries away.
  • Royal Shield: The Messenger could project the plates covering his body forward to form a massive wall-like shield that blocks and/or deflects any incoming attacks without flinching.
  • Survival Energy Cell: The Messenger could survive having his body obliterated as long as his main power supply cell is intact, although he cannot reform or repair his body without external assistance.
  • Spying: The Messenger was able to conceal himself from detection on any given world and keep himself hidden to convey valuable information from Warstar to the Armada and vice-versa, mainly using this skill to exchange reports from Prince Vrak and Prince Vekar.
  • Water Traverse: The Messenger was able to traverse through water as seen when he emerged from a tidal wave that gave way for him to cross.


  • Strength: The Messenger was highly strong in terms of strength, being able to overpower the Rangers in his battles.
    • Shockwave Punches: The Messenger could punch with enough force to create small but strong shockwaves.
  • Armor- The Messenger's body was reinforced with thick metallic armor that was resilient to any sort of attack. This endurance may have been boosted by a shield ability similar to Ultra Mode's called "Royal Shield" for extra defense which consisted of extending the armor plates over his arms and legs and position them in front of his body like a wall, allowing it to block any incoming attacks.
  • Communication Assistance: The Messenger could assist his fellow Robots at contacting other allied sources, such as the Armada Mothership and/or the Warstar Spaceship, or locate the coordinates of his opponents anywhere within a world.
  • Battle Advising: The Messenger concerned himself about the whereabouts and well-being of his comrades and could give them suggestion on how to act if a battle turns its tide into an unfavorable outcome.


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  • The Messenger's Final Saber weapon

    Final Saber: Messenger had a long sharp blade which he could extend from his gauntlet-like arm for combat.
    • Energy Shockwaves: The Messenger could generate fiery shockwaves of red energy by violently swinging his arm blade at his enemies.
    • Energy Empowerment: The Messenger could charge up his blade with dark red energy and slash at full force.
  • Fists: The Messenger could also fight with his bare hands.

Behind the Scenes



  • In Goseiger, the Messenger was the leader of the Robots with Vrak's counterpart going incognito as his general in order to get his own base of operations.
  • The Messenger had a much different death in Goseiger. When he had outlived his usefulness and Metal Alice was dead, Vrak’s counterpart betrayed Robogog and killed him by obliterating his head with his Cyber Grenades.
    • This was changed due to it not making sense for Vrak to have killed an ally without reason.


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  • In contrast to his Goseiger counterpart Robogog of the 10-sai, who was originally a human but turned into a cyborg and abused his own allies including Metal Alice's counterpart, the Messenger is a true robot who treats his allies with honor and respect and greatly cares for them.
    • He also shares similarities with Klank from Power Rangers Zeo as his Sentai counterpart Acha hardly cared for his allies while Klank showed great concern for his robots.


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