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The Matchmaker is the thirteenth episode of Power Rangers Dino Fury.[1] It features the debut of the Double Dino Key, Dino Fury Red Ranger's Blazing Battle Armor, and Void Knight's true identity.


Javi thinks Izzy has a crush on a friend and he sets them up on a date. But his assumption causes big problems when the monsters smell love in the air.


Since the previous episode's events, Izzy has been leading group exercises with everyone, leading them on a run at the quarry. As the Rangers rest up, Zayto and Javi notice Fern talking with Izzy, surprising them because of their previous rivalry. Also, Javi notices that Izzy changed her hairstyle and seems happier. As Izzy and Adrian set up cones for their next drill, Javi tells Amelia that he thinks Izzy has a crush on Adrian as the two get along very well. As the group works out with resistant bands, Javi chats with Adrian and asks about Izzy. Adrian likes Izzy, but remarks that he has not talked with her outside of the exercises. So, Javi says he will help set the two up on a date, even though Adrian shows a bit of hesitation. Unknown to them, one man overheard their conversation and runs off. The man transforms back into Slyther and contacts Void Knight. He asks Void Knight if he could borrow Fogshell for his new plan.

Fogshell teleports down and emits a fog at the group. Zayto sends Adrian and Fern away so the Rangers can morph in private. However, Slyther gets to Adrian and captures him. A group of Hengemen attack the Rangers in the fog, but thanks to Slyther's deceptobeam, some of the Rangers attack each other under the belief they are Hengemen. To clear the fog up, Zayto uses the Blazing Dino Armor to unleash a Blazing Fury Blast, clearing the fog while destroying some Hengemen. Fogshell and Mucus leave as the Rangers confront them, and they wonder why they ambushed them. As the Rangers go their separate ways, Javi offers lunch to buy lunch for Izzy, but she says she is hanging out with Fern at Taco Bros. Still, Javi invites himself to their lunch hang and calls Adrian. Unknown to Javi, Slyther picks up Adrian's phone, transforms into the latter, and takes the call. Javi tells Adrian/Slyther to meet them at Taco Bros, and the latter plans to use the opportunity to kidnap Izzy, use her Dino Fury Morpher to sneak into Dinohenge, and steal the Sporix Chest.

Adrian/Slyther arrives at Taco Bros, and Javi uses the opportunity to have him and Izzy talk. Javi has Fern help him buy water and asks her if they could give Izzy time to talk to Adrian. That surprises Fern, but she reluctantly agrees to Javi's plan. As the two leave, Adrian/Slyther reads a mushy love poem to Izzy, much to her embarrassment. Izzy storms out of the area as Adrian/Slyther follows her, disengaging the disguise when they are alone. However, Izzy manages to fight off Slyther's kidnap attempt and teleports away.

Once back at Dinohenge, Izzy tells the Rangers what happened and wonders why Slyther would think she liked Adrian that way. A guilty Javi tells Izzy his setup plan, but that angers the latter as he had no right in messing with her personal life. Before the argument escalates, Zayto wonders where the real Adrian is, Javi calling the latter's number again. This time Slyther picks it up in his normal voice and tells Javi that he has Adrian. If the Rangers want Adrian back, Javi must give him all their Sporix Cells in an hour at the Eden Plaza alone. As the Rangers think of a plan to save Adrian, Ollie suggests using the Double Key to copy their Sporix Chest. That way, they can get Adrian safe and sound without sacrificing their Sporix Cells. However, Izzy does not want to leave Javi alone during the trade-off and says they will join him in disguise.

One hour later, Slyther, Mucus, Fogshell, and the captured Adrian teleport to Eden Plaza as a morphed Javi teleports with the copied chest. He gives them the chest as Mucus teleports back to Area 62 with it. However, Slyther changes the deal by telling Javi to surrender his Dino Key for Adrian. Just then, the other Rangers, disguised two cleaning staff, an elderly woman, and a masked construction worker attack Slyther. After Izzy releases Adrian, they confront Slyther and Fogshell before morphing. During the fight, Fogshell grows, forcing Zayto, Amelia, and Ollie to summon their Zords. Fogshell emits another fog attack, and Slyther uses his deceptobeam again. This causes the T-Rex Champion Zord to accidentally attack the Tricera Blade and Ankylo Hammer Zords, knocking them out of commission. Zayto calls for the Dimetro Blazing Zord and combines it with the T-Rex Champion Zord to form the T-Rex Blazing Megazord. Using the fire from the Megazord, they overpower Fogshell and clear the fog away when the latter tries to use it again. Afterwards, they defeat Fogshell with the Blazing Mega Strike, reverting him to his Sporix Cell form. Izzy grabs the Cell before Slyther can get it, but the latter leaves content that he has a chest full of Sporix Cells. However, the Rangers know that Slyther did not get the real chest.

Back at Area 62, Slyther sets up a grand unveiling of the Sporix Chest for Void Knight to see. However, the copy dissipates in front of them just before Void Knight can touch it. Believing that his minions set up a prank at his expense, Void Knight lashes out at Slyther and Mucus, attacking them into a corner before storming back to his chamber. Void Knight takes his helmet off to reveal himself as a male human. He tells Santaura that he had another setback but promises that he will not stop until they are together again.

Meanwhile, Izzy finishes up another exercise activity with the group as Javi apologizes for setting her up with Adrian under an assumption. Even though Izzy tells Javi to talk to her next time, she forgives him. Javi also apologizes to Adrian for the mess he got into, and the latter forgives him. Still, Javi wonders why Izzy was acting differently as he thought she had an interest in someone. Adrian points Javi to what's happening behind him as they see Izzy and Fern walk away holding hands, revealing that they are dating. Everyone is touched to see that as Javi wishes Izzy well.


Dino Fury Keys


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  • Total Sporix Beasts Collected:
    • Void Knight: 7
    • Dino Fury Rangers: 7
  • This episode confirms Izzy Garcia, the Dino Fury Green Ranger, as the first LGBTQ+ member of the Power Rangers TV series.
    • This is confirmed when Izzy holds hands with Fern at the end of the episode as they go to spend time together after Javi fails to set Izzy up on a date.
  • Void Knight's face is revealed to the audience in this episode.
  • Jane and J-Borg do not appear in this episode.

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