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The Makeover is the nineteenth episode of Power Rangers Dino Fury.[1] It features the debut of the Vision Dino Key. Both the Light and Shadow Dino Keys make brief appearances in the end of the episode.[2]


The villains use a Sporix Beast with body-swapping powers to chase pirate treasure, which interferes with Amelia's attempt to makeover Pop-Pop for a date. Will the Rangers return to normal in time to save Pine Ridge?


The episode opens with a live news report about Dr. Akana and her team unearthing a treasure chest believed to belong to the legendary pirate Purplebeard, which will be moved into Pine Ridge Museum. J-Borg thanks Dr. Akana for the news and begins interviewing Beatrice Cotton, the new curator of the Pine Ridge Museum. Amelia and Jane are monitoring the interview. J-Borg said that it is an exciting find, to which Beatrice said that Purplebeard is very known in Pine Ridge for the power of his two talismans. Amelia then tells J-Borg to ask if the talismans might be in the chest. Beatrice replies that they'll find out very soon. Meanwhile, Pop Pop is watching the interview from behind the camera. Amelia attempts to tell J-Borg into asking if the chest has an ancient pirate curse, but Jane immediately interferes and asks the robot to wrap the interview up instead. With that, J-Borg ends her interview with Beatrice.

While J-Borg and Beatrice are walking out from the interview room, Pop Pop approaches the museum curator and praises her interview. However, Annie accidentally trips over the cable to one of the headlights, which caused it to about to fall on Beatrice. Noticing this, Pop Pop immediately rescues the curator. Annie askes if Beatrice is okay, to which she responds that she's fine thanks to Pop Pop's rescue. Pop Pop then introduces himself to Beatrice and both have a talk for a few moments, to which they agreed to have a date in the next 3 hours. Amelia, having overheard the conversation, offered to help Pop Pop prepare for the date.

Meanwhile, in Area 62, Void Knight listened to the interview about Purplebeard's talismans. This interested the armored villain as the talismans could possibly energize his machine. Slyther then comes out with Mucus, bringing in a new Sporix Beast named Boneswitch. Mucus then tells Boneswitch to swap their bodies, to which the Sporix Beast did. After being switched, Mucus/Slyther and Slyther/Mucus take a look at their predicament. Slyther/Mucus finds himself disgusted for being in Mucus' body, while Mucus/Slyther is excited as she accidentally turned Slyther/Mucus into a slime. Void Knight asked Boneswitch to switch them back and then tells the Sporix Beast to steal Purplebeard's talismans from the museum and swap any Rangers that could interfere.

In Dinohenge, Amelia and the others are taking a look at some blazers for Pop Pop to wear. Javi suggested black blazer, while Ollie suggests blue. Amelia then said they need a full-on makeover for Pop Pop's date. A confused Zayto then asked why they had to change Pop Pop, as he liked him the way he is. Amelia agrees, but insists that they need to do it so Beatrice can like him. Suddenly, the Rangers received an alert about a Sporix Beast in Pine Ridge Museum. All six then teleport to the location.

In the museum, Boneswitch is crushing through the crates to search for the treasure chest. He then sees the chest inside the truck and took it. However, when he opened it, the chest is revealed to be empty. When the Rangers arrived, Boneswitch destroyed the chest in anger, which ticked off Ollie. The Sporix Beast then summoned the Hengemen and the Rangers morphed in response. But before they can begin to fight, Boneswitch immediately switched Zayto, Amelia, Ollie, and Javi's bodies, causing them to de-morph, while Aiyon and Izzy managed to escape the body switch. Both then take on Boneswitch. The other four attempt to rejoin the fight, but discovered that they're unable to morph. Knowing they can't fight like this, Zayto/Amelia, Ollie/Javi, Amelia/Zayto, and Javi/Ollie teleported back to base. This leaves Aiyon fighting Boneswitch, and Izzy fighting the Hengemen with one of them driving a tractor. Aiyon then dons the Electro Battle Armor and was about to finish the Sporix Beast with the Electro Fury Blade Blast, but Boneswitch managed to escape at the last few seconds. After Izzy defeated the last of the Hengemen, both teleported back to base.

Back in Dinohenge, the Rangers are having various activities: Javi/Ollie is sparring with Aiyon while Zayto/Amelia is looking at Amelia/Zayto trying to raise Zayto's antennas. Meanwhile, Ollie/Javi is discussing about the body switch with Solon. Suddenly, Amelia's phone rings, which reminded her that Pop Pop's date is in 30 minutes. She immediately panics, to which Zayto/Amelia tries to assure her he will be fine on his own. Amelia/Zayto suddenly realized that Zayto/Amelia can go and pose as her. At first, Zayto/Amelia is reluctant, but Amelia/Zayto persuaded him and says that all he needed to do is to give Pop Pop the earpiece and she will guide Pop Pop from there.

In the date location, Zayto/Amelia is observing Amelia's hair and says maybe he should grow out his. Pop Pop comes out from his van all dressed up. Zayto/Amelia then asked how is he feeling, which Pop Pop replies that he is nervous. Zayto/Amelia then lends Pop Pop the earpiece and gives him some cologne, which he told to not use too much as it can attract animals. Pop Pop, however, puts a lot of cologne on himself. After that, Pop Pop goes for his date. Zayto/Amelia then rendezvous with Amelia/Zayto and she begins to coach Pop Pop through the date. At first, the date goes pretty well, but a fly caused the earpiece to fall into Pop Pop's drink and fried the circuits. This makes Pop Pop nervous and he left in a hurry.

Zayto/Amelia then goes to Pop Pop and convinced him to be himself. A few minutes later, Pop Pop returns to Beatrice in his usual clothes. Amelia/Zayto panickily asked Zayto/Amelia what did he say to Pop Pop, but Zayto/Amelia tells her to give him some time. This method immediately works as Pop Pop's date goes much better than planned, exciting Amelia/Zayto.

In the base, Ollie/Javi and Solon have figured out the nature of the body switch: the swap also switched their Ranger energies, meaning that they still have their signature Ranger energy despite inhabiting a different body. Zayto/Amelia tells them that they only need to use the correct Dino Keys to morph normally. Right after that, Solon received another alert of Sporix Beast attack in Palm Plaza. All the Rangers immediately teleported to the location.

Boneswitch and the Hengemen are wreaking havoc on Palm Plaza, but the Rangers managed to arrive in time. The Sporix Beast taunts them, saying they can't morph without their powers. But to his shock, the body swapped Rangers switch their Dino Keys. Finally realigning their Ranger energies with their keys, all six successfully morphed into Power Rangers. Aiyon then charges first on Boneswitch, but the Sporix Beast switched his body with a pigeon, causing him to de-morph.

The remaining five then take on the Hengemen using both the Blazing Battle Armor and Boost Keys, before turning their attention to Boneswitch. The five Rangers then use Dino Fury Boom Slash on Boneswitch. Enraged, the Sporix Beast grew into a giant. Zayto/Amelia then calls Solon to send their Zords, forming the Dino Fury Megazord Warrior Formation. They take on Boneswitch before using Stego Drill attack on the Sporix Beast's horns, breaking it apart. This caused the body switch to be undone, with the Rangers returning to their respective bodies before they continue their battle. Aiyon also returned to his body and rejoin the others in the Megazord. Panicking, Boneswitch attempts to escape, but Aiyon calls the Mosa Razor Zord to take care of him. The aquatic Zord managed to capture Boneswitch and destroyed him with its tail attack. Boneswitch's Sporix Cell then falls to the ground, being reclaimed by Void Knight before he teleported away.

Later on, Amelia meets up with Pop Pop at the artifact restoration site of the Pine Ridge Museum, with the latter saying that Beatrice called him for the job. Amelia then apologized for what she did, saying that she was so nervous about the date and tried so hard to change him. Pop Pop goes to hug Amelia. Dr. Akana and Beatrice then appear to ask Pop Pop about his progress, to which he responded that the broken pieces of the empty chest are actually a tablet. When they are put together, the tablet formed a drawing of Purplebeard with his talismans. Amelia and Beatrice recognized the talismans as Dino Keys. Pop Pop then puts together the other pieces of the tablet detailing the location of the treasure, which reveals that they are located in Dinohenge. Beatrice says they must call the Rangers since the keys belong to them. Amelia then "volunteers" to do it.

Dr. Akana, Pop Pop, and Beatrice then meet with the Rangers in Dinohenge and fill them in on the situation. Zayto uses the Vision Dino Key to give himself a vision enhancement to find the exact location of the two Dino Keys. He managed to locate a chest containing them a few moments later, to which the other Rangers and the attending civilians celebrate their discovery.


Dino Fury Keys


  • to be added


  • Total Sporix Beasts Collected:
    • Void Knight: 10
    • Dino Fury Rangers: 10
  • This is the first body swap episode to involve the swapped Rangers swapping their powers.
  • Pop-Pop's real name is revealed to be "Ed".
  • The Makeover (cockpit).jpg
    This is the first episode of the series to show unmorphed Rangers in the Megazord cockpit, albeit momentarily upon their bodies being switched back, and thus their Ranger energies.
  • This is the final appearance of Jane and J-Borg in Season 1.
  • Izzy reveals that Pop-Pop's eyes are brown.
  • This is the first episode to feature the Ranger Hotline being notified of a Sporix attack via text.
  • Izzy is the only Ranger to avoid getting body swapped.
  • It is revealed that Pop-Pop's nickname for Amelia is "Nugget".

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