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The Lost Galactabeasts is the second two-part episode in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy. The episode marks the introduction of Deviot and the remaining Galactabeasts, the Stratoforce Megazord (a phoenix), the Centaurus Megazord (a rhino), and the Zenith Carrierzord (a shark).


Part 1

To prove to Scorpius that he is worthy of becoming his second-in-command, Deviot releases three evil Zords to attack the city and offers to give them to Scorpius if he'll grant his wishes. Kendrix tries to decipher the Galaxy Book and discovers that there are three lost Galactabeasts somewhere in the Universe. When the Rangers call on the Galactabeasts to help fight the evil Zords, the Galaxy Megazord refuses to fight. Kendrix looks through the Galaxy Book for a solution.

Part 2

Deviot orders the Hardtochoke Monster to have the Zords destroy Terra Venture. Kendrix makes a startling discovery in the Galaxy Book: The Stratoforce Megazord, Centaurus Megazord, and Zenith Carrierzord are actually the missing Galactabeasts and she now understands why the Galaxy Megazord won't fight them. When Hardtochoke and the evil Zords continue their attack, the Rangers implore the evil Megazords to remember that they are not really evil. Together with the Galaxy Megazord, the family of Zords destroys the monster.


Part 1

In a nearby galaxy, a ship is pulling along a big object before detaching its cables from it. The ship then travels to the Scorpion Stinger where the pilot takes out a couple of Stingerwingers. Scorpius demands who would barge into his ship unannounced and the pilot introduces himself as Deviot, pledging himself as the king’s loyal servant. Deviot reveals a control device that is used to control three of the most powerful Zords at his disposal, but when Scorpius asks what he expects in payment, Deviot says he only wants to be his second in command, as Trakeena refused that offer a while ago. However, Scorpius refuses to let Deviot use the cocoon as he made it for Trakeena, and demands proof about his claim about the Zord’s power. Deviot sinisterly agrees to that demand.

On Terra Venture, the Science Team is looking at pages from the Galaxy Book, but the lead scientist tells Commander Stanton that they have no idea what it says. However, Kendrix finds a page on the Galactabeasts. Meanwhile, Maya is summoned by the Galactabeasts as they all sense a disturbance coming. Elsewhere, an impatient Kai asks Damon how long it will take to fix his car, but the latter is annoyed by the former’s badgering. While Damon does fix the car, they are soon stopped by Deviot who blasts at the car. The two Rangers morph but find that Deviot is a tough opponent as the latter overpowers them. After knocking the two around, Deviot captures them.

When Kai and Damon wake up, they find themselves on another planet wearing cuffs and collars. Deviot introduces himself to the Rangers and tells them that they are under his control before having a Stingwinger activate a nearby device. It results in both Kai and Damon being forced to attack each other, and Deviot plans to use their expanded energy to power his Zords. With the two Rangers forced to attack each other, the energy they expanded charges Deviot’s device, much to his glee. Eventually, the two Rangers grow tired from fighting and collapse, frustrating Deviot.

Back on Terra Venture, Kendrix takes another look at the Galaxy Book and notices a tear in the Galactabeast page. She finds the matching piece, revealing that there are three other Galactabeasts that they have never seen before, but hides it from Maya when the latter enters the Science Room. Maya feels off as she is getting the same feeling when they first discovered the Galactabeasts, and Kendrix shows her the ripped-out piece from the book. Meanwhile, Leo enters the dorms to find Kai’s dinner burning on the oven and notices that he is not around. The girls enter with their discovery, only to notice that neither Kai nor Damon are around.

Meanwhile, Kai and Damon are back to fighting again, and their actions have nearly charged Deviot’s device. Damon struggles to fight the control devices but manages to toss his Quasar Saber into the device, destroying it and breaking Devoit’s control devices. As Deviot recovers his remote, he sends some Stingwingers to go after Kai and Damon, the two of which collapse at a beach due to exhaustion. Fortunately, the other Rangers arrive to the rescue in the Jet Jammers, and they attack the Stingwingers. Deviot attacks Maya, but Mike arrives to help her out as Kai and Damon manage to handle themselves despite their exhaustion. The five Rangers activate the Lights of Orion, and all six of them attack Deviot, but the latter survives the attack and uses the energy to power up his remote.

With the remote, Deviot summons the Stratoforce and Centaurus Megazords and orders them to destroy the Power Rangers. The Rangers summon the Galactabeasts and form the Galaxy Megazord and Defender Torozord, but to their shock, the Megazords shut down for some reason. However, Deviot knows the real reason why and orders his Megazords to attack the stalled Megazords. The two wail on the defenseless Megazords, and blast at them with enough power to knock them down, just as Maya asks why they cannot attack. In the coup de gras, the Centarus and Stratoforce Megazords use their weapons to finish the job, and pleased Deviot hopes that is enough proof for Scorpius, before having them return to the Zenith Carrierzord.

On the Scorpion Stinger, Scorpius demands to know why Deviot did not destroy the Power Rangers, but the latter claims that it was only a sample of their full power. However, an unsatisfied Scorpius still refuses Deviot access to the cocoon until he destroys the Rangers for good. On Terra Venture, Kai and Kendrix try to translate the language from the Galaxy Book as it could be their only chance to stop Deviot’s evil Zords before they come back.

Part 2

On the Scorpion Stinger, Deviot is made into Scorpius’ new general and summons Hardtochoke for an important mission. Deviot hands Hardtochoke the remote for the Zords and orders him to destroy the Rangers with them. On Terra Venture, Kendrix continues to try and translate the Galactabeast page from the Galaxy Book, while the others realize they have no Galaxy Megazord if the Galactabeasts refuse to fight Deviot’s Zords. Damon believes that combining all three lasers from the Astro Cycles could be enough to destroy the Zords, but Leo has a more direct, and somewhat crazy, idea. If they could power up one of the Astro Cycles to full and launch it at the Evil Zords, then the power of the explosion could be enough to destroy them. As the men go to the garage for Leo’s plan, Kendrix heads back to the Science Lab to do more research. Meanwhile, Maya asks the Galactabeasts why they refuse to fight Deviot’s Zords.

In the downtown area of Terra Venture, Hardtochoke activates the Zenith Carrierzord and orders it to launch the Stratoforce and Centaurus Zords. Hardtochoke orders the Megazords to destroy Terra Venture, and they begin their assault as the three male Rangers arrive on their Astro Cycles. Seeing them, Hardtochoke summons the Stingwingers, knocking Damon of his Astro Cycle as Leo and Kai are forced to go without him. Then, Kai is forced to break away from Leo to clear a path for him.

Meanwhile, Kendrix enters the Science Lab to begin translating the book once again, when Mike enters to see what is going on. Mike heads out to find the others, while Maya sees the Galactabeasts out in the battlefield. Hardtochoke orders the Megazords to attack the Galactabeasts, and just like before, they refuse to fight the Megazords. Maya and Mike arrive to help Leo by attacking the Stingwingers so he can continue with the mission. Meanwhile, Kendrix successfully translates the Galactabeast page and sees that Deviot’s Zords are a match to the three from the ripped piece of the page. Kendrix now realizes that the Zords they have been fighting against were the three missing Galactabeasts, hence why their own Galactabeasts refused to fight them and goes to stop Leo from trying to make the jump.

Kendrix manages to find Leo about to do his jump and manages to jump in the way of his trajectory. She tells the others that Deviot’s Zords are Galactabeasts, and why their own Galactabeasts refuse to fight. With this new revelation, the Rangers head out to find Deviot and the remote control. Kendrix confronts Deviot about the missing Galactabeasts, but the latter coldly remarks that they are right about them. Long ago, the Rhino, Phoenix and Shark Galactabeasts lost their powers in a great battle 3000 years ago. Deviot explained that he found them floating in an asteroid field, captured them, and turned them into Megazords to be his slaves. Deviot teleports away as Hardtochoke and the Stingwingers attack the Rangers, keeping them from getting the remote. Taking the fight from the skyscraper to the ground, the Rangers manage to get the remote from Hardtochoke, but the latter destroys it from Leo’s hands, meaning they have no way of calming the Megazords down. In response, the Rangers activate the Lights of Orion and attack Hardtochoke, only for the latter to grow giant-sized.

As the Centaurus and Stratoforce Megazords continue to attack the Galactabeasts, the Rangers transform them into the Galactazords and form the Galaxy Megazord, while Mike forms the Defender Torozord with the Torozord. Just like in the last battle, the Galaxy Megazord and Torozord refuse to fight. Leo begs the Centaurus and Stratoforce Megazords to remember who they once were, but the Zords do not cooperate as they attack them with Hardtochoke, draining the Defender Torozord of its power. As the battle continues into the night, the Rangers beg the Centarus and Stratoforce Megazords to remember who they are as they feel they still have their original spirts. Even after Hardtochoke knocks the Galaxy Megazord down, Leo continues to get the Centarus and Stratoforce Megazords around. It succeeds as the Centarus and Stratoforce Megazords turn on Hardtochoke, transforming their faces into more heroic features as they finally remember their true selves, before attacking the monster. The two Megazords help the Galaxy Megazord back to its feet, and it's even revealed that the Zenith Carrierzord has come back to its senses, firing at Hardtochoke with its guns. The Rangers activate the Galaxy Megazord Power Up mode and destroy Hardtochoke for good.

On the Scorpion Stinger, Deviot is furious at the loss of his two Megazords when he was so close to victory. He decides that if he can't win Scorpius' favor and be allowed to enter the cocoon, then he will destroy him. Meanwhile, Maya, Leo, and Damon visit the Galactabeasts and see them happy to be reunited with their friends. On the bridge of Terra Venture, Commander Stanton announces that they are now 14 light-years from Earth, and turning back now is no longer an option. Kendrix looks at the Galaxy Book, wondering what other secrets it holds




  • Despite not being a Galactabeast (as evidenced by its absence from the Galaxy Book), for some reason Torozord also refused to fight Stratoforce and Centaurus.
  • During all of the US footage, Centarus and Stratoforce could briefly be seen with their future 'good' faces.
  • When Deviot was recounting how he rebuilt the lost Galactabeasts, Centaurus was displayed when he named 'Stratoforce' and vice-versa.
  • Leo said "we've got a bigger problem" before Hardtochoke actually grew.


  • Commander Stanton reveals that Terra Venture has now traveled 14 light years from Earth and cannot turn around even if the crew wants to.
    • In simpler terms, Terra Venture has used the amount of fuel it would need to head back to Earth, leaving it with no choice but to continue the mission.
    • However, the previous episode mentioned that Terra Venture’s destination was the “Yarolian Galaxy”. If Terra Venture has expended over half of it’s fuel travelling 14 light years, then it has a maximum range of 28 light years, no where near enough to leave our own galaxy, never mind cross the intergalactic void to another galaxy. Terra Venture wouldn’t have even been able to reach many of the stars visible from Earth.
    • Based on the timeframe of Lost Galaxy, Terra Venture must be going many times the speed of light in order to have traveled 14 light years.
  • Mike didn’t appear unmorphed throughout Part 1.
  • Trakeena does not appear in both episodes but she was mentioned.

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