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The Lost Episode.

Austin St. John and Walter Jones wave goodbye as the episode ends.

The Lost Episode was a Power Rangers special episode that took place after Power Rangers: In Space, and was hosted by Austin St. John and Walter Emmanuel Jones, who portrayed Jason Lee Scott and Zack Taylor, respectively. The special episode aired only one time on May 22, 1999. Along with clips from the previous shows from Mighty Morphin up to its then-current season, Lost Galaxy and the scenes with Jones and St. John, the episode aired the original pilot version of "Day of the Dumpster." Clips from Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger was also shown when discussing the origin of the show.


DVD Release

  • The special was released as a bonus feature in the Power Rangers Season 4-7 DVD Set.



  • When recapping Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, a picture of Zoltar is shown when mentioning Zordon and the shot of the teens teleporting from Ernie's Juice Bar shown immediately after is taken from the first Mighty Morphin episode. After some seconds, another scene (the Rangers celebrating in the Command Center) is shown from the pilot episode as part of this special.
  • Walter says that Mighty Morphin was derived from the show "Go Rangers"; while this is technically correct (Himitsu Sentai Gorenger), the footage shown is from Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger, Mighty Morphin's actual origin show.


Though We Need A Hero is played fully, the Power Rangers themes played are only brief as Austin and Walter go through the history of the Power Rangers.

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