This article is about a/an comic story in Power Rangers Operation Overdrive.

The Knights Excelsar is a comic story based on Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, which was printed as part of the 52st issue of Egmont's UK Power Rangers Magazine.[1]



Andrew Hartford is watching a news report from France which says scientists have found a site from the Middle Ages where the Knights Excelsar stayed. Legend said they had strange powers that Andrew thinks were gained from the Corona Aurora Jewels. The Rangers then go to France to investigate, the Mercury Ranger finds a spear head and starts to feel strange. The news reporter from the TV appears but it is actually Miratrix then Kamdor also appears. He says they found the powerful Knights Excelsar Barbut helmet and made the fake news report to lure the rangers, Kamdor then puts on the helmet and grows in size. The Rangers form the DriveMax Megazord and start to battle the giant Kamdor. The Mercury Ranger believes that the spear head he is carrying is what is making him feel strange so he throws it at Miratrix, feeling better he uses his Drive Detector to fire energy discs at Kamdor. While he is, distracted the Megazord knocks the helmet off of Kamdor's head causing him to shrink back to normal size. Knowing they cannot defeat the Rangers without the helmet, both Miratrix and Kamdor quickly teleport away.[2]




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