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The K Factor is a comic story based on Power Rangers RPM, which was printed as part of the 79th issue of Egmont's UK Power Rangers Magazine.[1]



At the Rangers' base, Doctor K finally reveals her identity to the Rangers. The next day, a package arrives, while no one is looking Tenaya's hand sneaks out of the box and puts a disc into Dr K's computer. Alarms ring alerting the Rangers that Tenaya and some Grinders have appeared at Liberty Plaza. As the Rangers get there and morph, Tenaya's hand drives Ranger Red's car towards him causing him to jump out of the way. With her hand back on her arm, Tenaya tells Venjix that the disc is in place at the Ranger's base, overhearing this Ranger Red contacts Doctor K. She is in trouble as Grinders start to climb out of the computer screens. While the others deal with Tenaya and the Grinders, Rangers Red and Blue head back to base to help Doctor K. As they arrive at the door, they hear weapon fire. Hoping that Doctor K is ok they enter the base to find that Doctor K has destroyed the Grinders with a new weapon she was testing.[2]




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