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Character History

A Beast Warrior created by Lee Keflen using the genetics of Jin using blood acquired by Wolk and Kilt during an initial attack on him. The Beast Warrior matches Jin perfectly not merely in physical ability but in his mind as well, knowing every move that he will do as he does them and attacking and responding to everything Jin throws at it. It's ultimate goal was to wear Jin down completely to the point of his death, using Jin's own personal desires against him while keeping the Flashman at bay with the other minions. Ultimately Sara finally found a way around this by creating an opening using Jin, throwing her own body as a step ladder (which the Beast Warrior had no means of using with no one helping it), creating a quick opening for her Prism Batons before Jin finally delivers a blow to weaken it for using the Rolling Vulcan.

After Kuragen rebuilds and grows The Jirugal, the giant Beast Warrior likewise had the same mentality of Jin whenever he was behind the main control of Flash King; to circumnavigate that, Jin let Dai and Bun control the mecha using their own attacks to slow it down before Jin delivered the finishing blow with the Cosmo Sword.


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Modus and Arsenal

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Behind the Scenes

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