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Character History

A Beast Warrior with elements of a praying mantis and a termite working alongside Sir Cowler. It's main ability is to lay eggs that possess electricity within them, forming a network underground that will explode upon any impact. As the Beast Warrior sets up it's network, one of its egg bombs blows a bus filled with children towards a cliff, forcing Jin to come to it's rescue regardless of the explosive ground beneath them. While he is able to save the bus, he is forced to put up both with The Jiraika and Cowler's forces but also with the arrival of the truck-like Flash Titan pursuing him. Once saved, the Flashman destroy The Jiraika with Rolling Vulcan.

However due to Kuragen growing the Beast Warrior, the Flashmen have no means to face it with Flash King still out of commission until Flash Titan and it's mysterious driver, Ley Baraki, choose to fight the giant in their place. Using the Flash Titan truck, he attacks it to hold it off but he has problems in controlling the truck due to the technology responding to those from planet Flash. Ultimately after seeing the Flashmen as the heroes he had been foretold to arrive by Hero Titan, a former Flash warrior from a hundred years prior, Baraki gives them the vehicle and allows them to fight The Jiraika. As Titan Boy, they beat up on the Beast Warrior until finally forming Great Titan and destroying it with Titan Nova.


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Modus and Arsenal

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Behind the Scenes

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