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The Jigen (ザ・ジーゲン Za Jīgen) is a Beast Warrior creation of the Reconstructive Experiment Empire Mess.

Character History

A Beast Warrior who can control and manipulate dimensional space. Using Leh Näfel as a lure, the Beast Warrior was used to create an alternate dimension to trap people within and prevent contact with the outside; even to the point of the space being wherever they step within but with no contact with those on the outside. After abducting several children, The Jigen captures Bun and Sara within the space; however its dimension is disrupted due to the usage of a special energy manipulated by Doctor Tokimura as he tried to use a time machine to go back 20 years to find the identity of his missing child. Due to the energy discharge, the dimension opened a hole allowing for the two Flashman and the children to escape. The Beast Warrior appeared to continue to use it's own dimensional manipulations to elude the Flashman, but it is ultimately destroyed by the Rolling Vulcan. However after being rebuilt and grown by Kuragen, The Jigen is able to create another dimension to escape being struck by Flash King's Cosmo Sword, preventing its destruction.

After it's initial battles, Great Doctor Lie Köpflen augments the Beast Warrior further with genetics to make it more powerful, yet still had it work alongside Näfel to gain the energy of Doctor Tokimura at any cost. The Jigen takes Tokimura's two daughters in an attempt to gain the energy in a hostage situation, but the accidental distribution of the energy once again disrupted it's dimension and allowed for the girls to escape. The Jigen fights with Näfel against the Flashman in another dimension but the team escapes and appear to destroy it with the Rolling Vulcan. After Kuragen rebuilds and grows it once again, The Jigen creates its largest and most powerful dimension yet, one to completely keep Flash King in it's mercy. As a final attempt to stop it, the team calls upon the Cosmo Sword and direct all energy they possess into it; the energy-empowered Cosmo Sword was enough to finally destroy The Jigen's dimension, allowing it to finally be destroyed with the Super Cosmo Flash attack.


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Behind the Scenes

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