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The Impenetrable Web is the fortieth episode of Power Rangers in Space, commencing the four-episode endgame arc. It features the final appearance of the Delta Megaship/Delta Megazord.


With the Astro Megaship trapped in a dangerous forcefield, preventing the Power Rangers from accessing it, Alpha 6 is forced to protect the vessel alone against Ecliptor.


On the Astro Megaship, Alpha 6 plays against D.E.C.A. in a game of 3-D Chess on the bridge. Alpha beats D.E.C.A., and just after, an emergency alert comes onto the screen. A NASADA astronaut radios to the Rangers that he and his team crashed landed on the planet Forza, and they are running out of time. Once they arrive at Forza, the Rangers head to the surface on the to the crash site. However, T.J. finds it odd that there is no source of energy coming from the site, and Alpha 6 cannot find it either. Suddenly, the Dark Fortress appears behind the Megaship as the astronaut turns out to be a disguised Darkonda. With their trap in place, Astronema orders Ecliptor to activate an energy web around the Megaship.

The energy web encases the Astro Megaship, causing it to stall and stop in place. Also, the Rangers involuntary de-morph, and they fall onto the dunes below them. Andros tells Alpha 6 to fire the Mega Lasers to free the Megaship, but they do not break the web. Ecliptor explains to Astronema that the Rangers cannot break through the web as long as he has the device. Astronema sends Darkonda back to Forza to capture the powerless Rangers, and she sends Ecliptor to the Megaship to capture it.

Ecliptor teleports into the Astro Megaship and pushes Alpha 6 away before he can activate the security systems. Ecliptor orders D.E.C.A. to hand over the password for the secret files, but it refuses to comply. Ecliptor turns his attention to Alpha and demands the files, but the former closes the door on top of him. Alpha runs away to figure out a plan, knowing that if Ecliptor got the password from him, he would have access to the Megaship. Ecliptor finds Alpha in the storage bin and corners him, but D.E.C.A. rotates the ship to its side and causes barrels to land on Ecliptor. Alpha uses the opportunity to run away again.

Once Ecliptor gets into the elevator, he demands from D.E.C.A. where the hyper accelerators are. D.E.C.A. tells him they are on deck 6, but it is soon revealed to be a trap by Alpha as the latter lays marbles onto the floor. Ecliptor trips on them and gets frustrated by the minutes. Ecliptor makes it to what he believes to be are the hyper accelerators, but it turns out he was led to the storage deck. Alpha 6 opens the cargo bay doors to jettison Ecliptor into space, but the latter fires at the control panel and ends the sequence. He manages to find the Megaship’s database through unauthorized methods and discovers the Mega Voyager’s hanger. With this knowledge, Astronema orders Ecliptor to go there and destroy the Mega Voyager. Using the device and the accelerator’s energy, Ecliptor transports himself into the database.

On Forza, Darkonda sends an army of Quantron to find the Rangers. He manages to find them, leading to a fight. The Rangers get overwhelmed despite their best efforts, and they are captured. Darkonda orders the Quantrons to destroy the Rangers, but an explosion takes out the squad behind him. Zhane arrives in a new vehicle, the Galactic Rover, and drives to save his friends. Zhane fires at the Quantrons before going against Darkonda. Zhane manages to destroy Darkonda, taking another life from the latter and he rescues the others.

Once everyone regroups, Alpha 6 contacts them and warns them that Ecliptor discovered the Mega Voyager’s hanger. Andros tells Zhane to go ahead and stop Ecliptor while the others try to remove the web around the Megaship. Zhane makes it to Ganymede but is too late as Ecliptor beats him to the hangar. Also, the power-up from the hyper accelerators has given Ecliptor more power, turning his entire body red. None of Zhane’s strikes affect Ecliptor, and the latter grows into a giant.

Back on Forza, Andros figures out how they can remove the web. He initializes his Battlizer Mode and flies up to the web. Using his magnet band and missiles, Andros destroys the web and releases the Megaship. Andros tells the Rangers that he has control of the Megaship again.

Back on Ganymede, Zhane summons the Mega Winger for help. As with before, none of his attacks hurt Ecliptor, and Zhane is soon at the mercy of the latter. Once the Mega Winger goes down, Ecliptor uses the opportunity to slash the hanger and damage the Mega V Zords. Suddenly, Ecliptor hears another spacecraft coming and proceeds to leave. However, Zhane keeps Ecliptor on the planet despite the massive damage he receives. Fortunately, help arrives in the form of the Astro Megazord, piloted by the Rangers, and the Delta Megazord. Despite being cornered by the three Megazords, Ecliptor powers up his sword and annihilates the Delta Megazord with one slash. The Rangers are shocked by the destruction of the Delta Megazord, and Ecliptor continues his onslaught against them. The Megazords fall, and Ecliptor heads down to Earth.

The Astro Megazord follows Ecliptor down to Earth and fights against him. Both trade blows, but Ecliptor manages to tank the Megazord’s attacks and breaks the Saber. Ecliptor slashes at the Astro Megazord and brings it down, declaring that the end of the Power Rangers is now. Andros calls Zhane for the Mega Winger, but the latter says that it is too damaged to help as it collapses from its damages. However, something happens to Ecliptor as steam comes out of him and he shrinks back down to human size. Ecliptor realizes that he is losing his extra power as the Rangers exit the Megazord and confront him. Even with the continual loss of his extra power, Ecliptor still proves to be a significant threat to the Rangers, even cornering Carlos against a metal beam. However, the Black Ranger pushes Ecliptor back with his Astro Blaster, and the latter is overwhelmed by Ashley and Cassie’s attacks. Then, T.J. and Andros push Ecliptor back with their attacks as Andros finishes Ecliptor with a Battilizer Power Punch and a Spiral Saber attack. The attacks cause Ecliptor to explode, but he reverts to his normal state. Although weakened, Ecliptor retreats and warns the Rangers that this is not over. However, this does not stop the Rangers from claiming victory, albeit a hard one.

The Rangers return to Ganymede to assess the damage of the Mega V Zords. Although the hangar is trashed, Zhane sees that a computer is still working and goes to it for an update. Alpha 6 is despondent that neither he nor D.E.C.A. could stop Ecliptor, but Ashley reassures him that it was thanks to them that they saved the Astro Megaship. Zhane tells the others that the main power source is still intact, and the Mega V Zords will be fixed soon. While the Rangers are happy about it, Carlos knows that Astronema is thinking the same thing. On the Dark Fortress, Astronema congratulates Ecliptor for destroying one Megazord and damaging another. Ecliptor suggests they use the opportunity to attack the Rangers before they can recover, and Astronema agrees with him. As the episode ends, Astronema tells Ecliptor what her next plan is.




  • When Ecliptor strikes D.E.C.A. he misses however in the close up shot he strikes her again and succeeds.
  • Ecliptor supposedly learns the location of the Mega Voyager in this episode, however he and Astronema had followed the Rangers into the Ganymede base when they initially obtained it in "The Rangers' Mega Voyage".
    • This plot error had to do with the difference in plot from the original Megaranger episode, as the part of the villains following the Rangers to Ganymade in that prior episode was exclusive to Power Rangers.
  • In the shot after Andros defeats Ecliptor with the Spiral Saber, he is no longer holding the Spiral Saber, and Shibolena can clearly be seen in the background.
  • When Ecliptor jumps, you can clearly see the lift wire used by the production crew.
  • Astronema says that one Megazord is destroyed and one is damaged. However this is incorrect because the Mega Winger was damaged too.


  • Final appearance of the Delta Megazord, which is destroyed.
  • This is the only episode to feature the Mega V1 Zord, but not the other Mega V Zords.
  • This is one of the few character-focused episodes for the Alpha robots, and one of the few for Alpha 6 in particular. Alpha 5 has at least five of them.
  • This marks the first & only appearance of Red Ecliptor. Also in contrast to Yugande (Ecliptor's Megaranger counterpart) who gets destroyed at the end, Ecliptor reverts back to his cyborg form and survives.

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