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The Human Condition [1] is the eighteenth episode of Power Rangers Megaforce. It features the death of Admiral Malkor, the supposed demise of Vrak, the end of the Warstar threat and is the penultimate episode before Season 1's endgame.


Admiral Malkor awakens from his cocoon stronger than ever and determined to destroy the Mega Rangers.


Malkor awakens from the cocoon with new confidence and strength. Vrak arrives to the Warstar Ship for a brief reunion with Malkor.

Robo Knight watches as a mother comforts her child for falling on the ground. Troy trains in the forest. Robo Knight wants to know why humans cry. Troy tells Robo Knight to ask Emma. Robo Knight visits Emma, who is taking photos. She answers his questions and he leaves the scene. Robo Knight asks a followup question to Gia about love. She tells Robo Knight to ask Jake about love. Robo Knight watches Jake playing soccer and decides not to ask him (as Robo Knight said there is nothing Robo Knight can learn from him). Robo Knight visits the high school with a brief greeting to Mr. Burley, who realizes something different about Robo Knight. Noah sees Robo Knight behind him and immediately closes the door. Robo Knight asks him about love and regrets the question after getting a lengthy response. Mr. Burley opens a cardboard box to find a telescope. As Robo Knight walks into the library, people outside and inside are frightened and run away. He places his morpher on the table after the frightened librarian shows him the sign. Back at the Warstar Ship, Malkor is ready for his mission.

Robo Knight grabs a series of books and enjoys a nice afternoon of reading. Malkor starts the massive attack on the city. Tensou summons the Rangers to the city. The Rangers meet the upgraded Malkor. They morph into action. Admiral Malkor is too strong for the Rangers. At the library, Robo Knight is unable to hear the Robo Morpher. He notices the teenager listening to music. He scans a book about music. Robo Knight asks him if he can listen. Back in the city, the Rangers attempt to use their cards. Malkor sends a meteor attack against the Rangers. Robo Knight learns about music while his Morpher continues to send the distress call. Malkor communicates with the citizens from the sky.

The Rangers continue their efforts against Malkor. After a series of attacks, they fire the Mega Blasters. Malkor blasts the Rangers off the building. Vrak prepares the Warstar Ship to head towards the Earth. The battle between the Rangers and Malkor becomes fierce as Malkor attacks them with a planetary attack. With his friends on the ground, Red Ranger charges towards Malkor and engage in a melee fight. As Malkor is about to strike Red Ranger, his friends block the attack. Mr. Burley admires space from his telescope. The Rangers form the Megaforce Blaster. Malkor deflects the blaster attack. Red Ranger follows up with a powered attack to weaken Malkor. Malkor summons and eats the Zombats to grow to his large form. Vrak pilots the ship towards Earth. Mr. Burley sees the ship from the telescope. The Rangers form the Gosei Great Megazord for a tough battle against Malkor. The ship flies closer to the Earth. The Rangers summon most of their zords to remove Malkor's armor. The Rangers form the Ultra Gosei Great Megazord to push Malkor into the Warstar Ship. At the library, the Rangers run into Robo Knight, who raps and shows them his new beat.


Power Cards

  • Megaforce Red - Dragon Sword (x3), Twistornado (attempted), Dragon Headder, Gosei Dynamic, Dragon Mechazord, Gosei Great Megazord, Ultra Gosei Great Megazord, Victory Charge (Ultra Gosei Great Megazord)
  • Megaforce Pink - Phoenix Shot (x3), Twistornado (attempted), Phoenix Headder, Gosei Dynamic, Phoenix Mechazord, Gosei Great Megazord, Ultra Gosei Great Megazord, Victory Charge (Ultra Gosei Great Megazord)
  • Megaforce Black - Snake Axe (x2), Rockrush (attempted), Snake Headder, Gosei Dynamic, Snake Mechazord, Gosei Great Megazord, Ultra Gosei Great Megazord, Victory Charge (Ultra Gosei Great Megazord)
  • Megaforce Yellow - Tiger Claw (x2), Rockrush (attempted), Tiger Headder, Gosei Dynamic, Tiger Mechazord, Gosei Great Megazord, Ultra Gosei Great Megazord, Victory Charge (Ultra Gosei Great Megazord)
  • Megaforce Blue - Shark Bowgun (x2), Seashower (2x; 1st attempt failed), Shark Headder, Gosei Dynamic, Shark Mechazord, Gosei Great Megazord, Ultra Gosei Great Megazord, Victory Charge (Ultra Gosei Great Megazord)
  • Robo Knight - N/A


  • This is the first episode since she was built in which Metal Alice doesn't appear. Also while Robo Knight appears in the episode he doesn't appear in battle due to him being in the Library. The reason being is that the Sentai Footage from the episode takes place before Gosei Knight (Robo Knight's sentai counterpart) and Metal Alice of the Agent's debut.
  • This episode marks the final appearance and destruction of both the main leader of the Insectoids, Admiral Malkor, and his Insectoid warship, the Warstar Spaceship.
  • The final appearance of the Ultra Gosei Great Megazord.


  • The people in the library were afraid of Robo Knight despite the fact he should be recognized as an ally of the Power Rangers by this point.
    • This could be the reason they were afraid of him as he has been seen attacking monsters, which people could be assuming are in the library
  • When Malkor blasted the Zords away, Datas shortly appeared.
  • Todd is somehow able to hear what Robo Knight is saying despite wearing headphones playing music loud enough that it can be heard from the outside.
  • Malkor is briefly seen with his wings before he is thrown into his spaceship. This is after his wings were supposedly destroyed by the Rangers, via their zords.
  • When the Ultra Gosei Great Megazord defeated Malkor, the main theme from Power Rangers Samurai was played.
  • When the camera zooms in on Malkor, it stops for a brief moment, and then it zooms in again.
    • The camera man also appears to be having trouble stabilizing the camera, judging by how much it shakes.
  • When Jake, and Gia attack Malkor from behind, Japanese writing can briefly be seen in the background.

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