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Character History

A chef Beast Warrior with appendages similar to kitchen utensils. It is the head chef at a restaurant scheme created by Mess where it would create "space pumpkins" from within itself, which are harvested and used to sell to customers in various meals. While the pumpkins themselves are tasty and enhance the flavor of anything eaten afterwards, they have the side-effect of turning peoples heads into pumpkins. Lou blunders into the scheme while in search of other food to eat outside space pills brought with on Round Base but is prevented from eating the space pumpkins initially due to a curious mother trying to search for the secret of the restaurant's flavors. While ultimately discovering Mess' involvement and the shocking secret of The Gurumess, the duo also discover that by using simple miso soup created by the mother for her children's dinner, they are able to reverse the power of the space pumpkin affliction. When in combat, The Gurumess emerges formidable until Pink Flash steals a spice it used to cause them to sneeze and poured it over it and Sir Cowler, causing an opening through sneezes for a Rolling Vulcan attack. After Kuragen grows The Gurumess, the team deal with it using Titan Boy and Great Titan.


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Modus and Arsenal

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Behind the Scenes

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