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The Gripper Grinders is a comic story based on Power Rangers RPM, which was printed as part of the 81st issue of Egmont's UK Power Rangers Magazine.[1]



While reviewing the Rangers' latest battle with the Grinders, Doctor K believes that they could have won more easily if they had used their special capabilities. The alarm sounds so the Rangers go to investigate outside of the dome, nothing there except some corrosion on the dome wall. Suddenly General Crunch appears with special Grinders on motorbikes. A Grinder jumps and grabs a hold of Ranger Green, he cannot break free so Ranger Green teleports away, just in time as the special Grinder explodes. Two more Grinders grab Rangers Red and Yellow so Ranger Blue freezes time long enough for him to throw both Grinders together, saving the others. Ranger Black does the same with another two Grinders while activating his invincibility shield to protect himself from the explosion. Knowing he cannot win, General Crunch retreats. Back at the base, Doctor K now trusts the Rangers to make their own decisions while in battle as the corrosion they found on the dome wall was acid rain pollution. If the Rangers had not gone out of the dome they wouldn't have found the corrosion which would have destroyed the wall, allowing Venjix to walk right in. After teleporting away from the exploding Grinder, Ranger Green appears inside Doctor K's cupboard.[2]




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