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The Greater Good is the eleventh episode of Beast Morphers Season 2 and the thirty-fourth episode of Power Rangers Beast Morphers. It's the second and final episode of Captain Chaku's arc and the final appearance of Ryjack.


The Rangers do everything they can to help their new ally return home.


The Rangers come to Captain Chaku’s location, seeing him extinguish a fire from the result of Ryjack’s latest Morph-X acquisition. They realize that Ryjack has allied with Evox as it was the third time this week he has been after Morph-X, but Chaku reminds them that Ryjack’s true goal is to steal the Legendary Ranger Weapons from the Ranger Vault. To make things fair, Chaku’s superiors are sending him his battleship, the Reptilobeast, which should help them the next time they face off against Ryjack. Impressed with the work he has accomplished, Commander Shaw offers Chaku a position at Grid Battleforce once Ryjack is defeated, and although he hesitates for a bit, he accepts the offer.

In the Crystal Dimension, Scrozzle has the Tronics load up the stolen Morph-X into their systems, with Evox impressed with the work Ryjack has done. Ryjack reveals that his Vivixs and Putties are tunneling underneath the Ranger Vault under the Grid Battleforce building, but while the Robo-Generals try to pipe in that they showed him where to dig, Evox ignores them. After Ryjack cuts communications, Evox and Scrozzle relish in how the former is doing all the hard work for them, and that the Legendary Ranger Gear will be theirs.

At Grid Battleforce, Captain Chaku sets up his room with Ben and Betty’s help, but the two open a box containing an alien plant. Chaku warns them not to move unless they want to be eaten, but they freak out and get eaten. Fortunately, Chaku sprays the plant so it would spit Ben and Betty out. Once alone, Chaku makes a call to his daughter who asks him to take off his helmet. Chaku says he cannot due to his duties, and ends the call. Unbeknownst to Chaku, Nate overheard the call and tells the Rangers this new revelation, making them wonder why he would want to stay on Earth rather than be with his daughter. Before they can talk about it more, the Rangers hear construction noise coming underneath them, and realize that Ryjack is going after the Ranger Vault. The Rangers and Chaku go underneath the building and destroy Ryjack’s Putty Patrollers and Vivixs, but the latter refuses to surrender. They fight against Ryjack, but Devon finds that the former has a thick skin, meaning that physical attacks are useless. Nate and Steel restrain Ryjack temporarily, but Chaku succeeds in knocking the latter down. The Rangers fire at Ryjack with the Beast-X Cannons Beast-X Strike, and Chaku slashes him with the Enforcer Strike, but Ryjack survives the attack and teleports away.

Returning above ground, the Rangers go to Commander Shaw so the tunnel can be closed, while Nate pulls Chaku aside and tells him that he overheard his call with his daughter. A defensive Chaku says that he has a responsibility on Earth and cannot be with his daughter right now, but Nate pushes for the truth as he personally knows what it is like to be separated from his parents. Chaku relents and shows Nate the real reason why he cannot come home, taking his helmet off to reveal that he is a cyborg, a process done due to his job. Although Nate reassures Chaku that his daughter would love him no matter what, the latter does not believe him.

In the Crystal Dimension, Ryjack blames his failure on bad luck, but Evox asks him tells him to be more persistent, before suggesting that he bring in his collection of relics to face against the Rangers. Ryjack refuses as they are locked away on his ship, and arrogantly proclaims that the Rangers will not last for too long against him before teleporting away. However, Evox knows that Ryjack does not stand a chance against the Rangers, and once the latter is destroyed, his collection will be theirs.

Grid Battleforce picks up Ryjack’s location on the rooftop of a building, and the Rangers go out to confront him for one last battle. The Rangers morph and Captain Chaku knocks away Ryjack’s Reanimizer before the latter has the chance to use it. Afterwards, the Rangers and Chaku fight against Ryjack, depriving the latter of his weapons before cornering him. However, Ryjack reveals one last trick up his sleeves, a mysterious device he found from the ruins of Andresia. He activates the device, which turns him into a giant, much to the shock of the Rangers. As the Rangers race to their Zords, Scrozzle manages to claim the discarded Reanimizer without their knowledge.

The Rangers board the Beast-X Ultrazord, just as Ryjack creates a dark cloud over the city. Ryjack proves to be more of a challenge than ever, tossing the Ultrazord off its feet and blasting it with his horn beam. The blast shorts out the Ultrazords system, forcing Nate to reboot the entire system, but Chaku informs them that Reptilobeast has entered Earth’s orbit, and summons it for assistance. Chaku uses the Reptilobeast to fire back at Ryjack, giving Nate enough time to reboot the Ultrazords systems. Ryjack charges at them again, but this time, they manage to land on their feet and fire back. Afterwards, Devon summons the Cheetah Beast Blaster to initiate the Beast-X Ultra Strike, finally destroying Ryjack as the sky turns blue again.

The Rangers congratulate Captain Chaku for finally succeeding in his mission, meaning he can retire from the Galactic Police. Although Chaku expects to work with Grid Battleforce now, Shaw notices that he does not seem happy about it based on the tone of his voice. Nate leads Chaku to the neural aligner room where Devon, Ravi, and Zoey were infused with animal DNA and became Power Rangers, revealing that he was able to adjust the setting so it could remove Chaku’s cybernetic enhancements, making him human once again. Chaku agrees to the opportunity so he could become a dad again, and steps into the neural aligner. Nate activates it and successfully turns Chaku back into a human again, who is more than pleased by the results. Chaku tells Nate that his parents are immensely proud to have a son like himself, and teleports back to his homeworld. A few days later, Ben and Betty reveal that they received Chaku’s plant as a gift, and have experimented with using it as trash disposal, spitting out the recyclables in the process. Afterwards, Chaku and his daughter contact the Rangers with a thank you transmission, making them happy to see him where he rightfully belongs.



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  • Ryjack mentions the ruins of Andresia, the home planet of Orion, the Super Megaforce Silver Ranger.
  • After this episode, Ben and Betty are conspicuously absent until "Golden Opportunity."
  • This marks the final appearance of the Beast-X Ultrazord.

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