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The Great Egg Caper is the twenty-seventh episode of Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue.


Jinxer loses an egg containing a powerful monster to a quick witted thief who the Rangers are also after. His plot to hold the egg for ransom backfires when Jinxer sends Birdbane to track down the egg, but he is saved by Kelsey, who discovers the thief to have a heart of gold.


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  • When the thief says, "put the money in the trash can," a recycling can is shown.
  • Despite the Demons previously established aversion to water (the whole reason the Aquabase was built underwater,) neither the Batlings or Jinxer seem to have any problem wading in the lake. It apparently wasn’t a problem for Olympius’ Egg that was to hatch into a demon underwater either.however it’s possible only salt water affects them or Jinxer put a spell on himself and the Battlings to make them resistant to water to a certain degree and the egg might be like Aquafiend and is immune to water.
  • When Birdbane hits the ordinary chicken eggs to the ground, none of them break. This may imply the use of a substitute such as a ping-pong ball.


  • Captain William Mitchell and Ms Angela Fairweather don't appear in this episode. Also Ryan does not appear.

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