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"I am the Gatekeeper of the Shadow World. Do you wish to enter my domain, Prince Olympius?"
―Gatekeeper introducing himself to Olympius.[src]

The Gatekeeper is a sorcerer demon who guards the entrance to the Shadow World and is the secondary antagonist of the episodes "Sorcerer of the Sands" and "Olympius Unbound".


The Gatekeeper is a sorcerer-like monster that guards the entrance to the Shadow World, an area where the monsters that had been destroyed walk on forever. After being threatened by his mother Queen Bansheera, Olympius was determined to get back at the Rangers for what they done. After talking Jinxer into giving him the key, he goes to the entrance and confronts the Gatekeeper, who he tells of his plan to teleport the Rangers into the Shadow World. The Gatekeeper agrees and teleports himself to Mariner Bay and attacks the city to lure out Carter, Kelsey, Joel, Chad and Dana. The Lightspeed Rangers come in to battle, and the Gatekeeper successfully manages to transport the Rangers into the Shadow World. After Olympius had gotten rid of the portal to Earth, the Rangers tried to fight back, but were outmatched. The Gatekeeper then used his staff to summon the monster spirits, which the Rangers find out that they cannot destroy. The Rangers destroy the Gatekeeper's staff. When the monster spirits went out of control, the Gatekeeper and Olympius end up trapped in the Shadow World and some of the monsters escape. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Sorcerer of the Sands (episode)

The Gatekeeper was on the verge of giving up, but Olympius told him to be strong and wonders how to leave this place. Thanks to Jinxer, the demon prince finds out that he has to defeat all of the fallen monsters and absorb their power. He manages to absorb enough power to become even more stronger and assume an advanced form. With enough power, both Olympius and the Gatekeeper were able to escape. Then he fights the Rangers with Olympius and Jinxer. The Rangers were outmatched due to Olympius' newfound power. He then grew giant along with Olympius and attacked the city as well as the Rangers and is presumably destroyed by the Rangers' Megazords. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Olympius Unbound


The Gatekeeper's personality is similar to that of a guard, but he is shown to be loyal to Olympius.

Powers and Abilities


  • Size Changing: The Gatekeeper can change his size at will.


  • Strength: The Gatekeeper is strong even without his staff.
  • Batling Summoning: The Gatekeeper can summon an army of Batlings to aid him in battle.
  • Extraordinary Leaper: The Gatekeeper can leap at an incredible distance.


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  • Demon Staff: To aid him in combat, the Gatekeeper wields a staff that holds many abilities such as:
    • Teleportation: By slamming his staff into the ground, the Gatekeeper can teleport to any location at will.
    • Energy Laser: From his staff, the Gatekeeper can fire yellow colored energy lasers that were powerful enough to take down buildings in one shot.
      • Teleportation Casting: The Gatekeeper can fire a yellow colored energy laser from his staff like before, but this time, it teleports his enemies to any location at will.
    • Ground Wave Blast: The Gatekeeper can slam down his staff to create a trailing shockwave that will run along the ground and release energy blasts when in contact with an enemy.
    • Resurrection: The Gatekeeper can use his staff to perform a magic spell capable of bringing monsters back to life.
    • Monster Control: The Gatekeeper is able to control the spirits of the fallen demons with his staff. If the staff gets destroyed, the spell is broken and the spirits will go out of control.

Behind the Scenes



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  • The Gatekeeper's body was later recycled in recolored form where it was used as a component for the Mut-Org Takach.
  • The Gatekeeper is the first and only monster to appear in two episodes in a row.
  • The Gatekeeper is the second monster not to be created from one of Jinxer's Monster Cards. The first was Cobra Incarnate.
  • The Gatekeeper is the third and final demon in Lightspeed Rescue to appear in more then just one episode. The first is Magmavore and the second is Trifire.
  • The Gatekeeper is similar to a demon fought by the Lightspeed Rangers previously, Spellbinder.
    • Both monsters are magic-themed.
    • Both monsters have a staff for a weapon.
    • Both monsters have the ability to grow without Jinxer's assistance.
  • The Gatekeeper is the second monster to have the ability to grow without the need of Jinxer, the first being Spellbinder.
  • The Gatekeeper was destroyed off-screen, taking a blast that was meant for Olympius by the Rangers' Zords. This comes from unused GoGoV footage and was presumably not used due to time constraints, or perhaps because of its violent content.


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