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Rpm garage

The Garage is the base of operations for the Ranger Operators. It is located somewhere in the domed city of Corinth.


It was presumably built by Doctor K sometime after Corinth was built so she could train the rangers. During the series finale it is shown that K and the rangers all moved on to different things, so it is unknown if the garage is still used or not.


From the outside, it looks like a basic two-story garage. On the inside it contains a main room on the first floor where the rangers keep their vehicles, watch T.V., eat, etc., and quarters for the rangers on the top floor with male quarters on one side and female quarters on the other side. Also on the bottom floor is K's lab where she creates and tests the rangers' arsenal. Located in the back of the lab are K's personal quarters where she remained until she revealed herself to the rangers. The lab is also where the Ranger Prototype Series Covert Infantry Bio-Suits are stored. The main five are stored in the front of the room, though it is unknown where the Gold and Silver suits are stored.

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