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The Flute is the twenty-ninth episode of Power Rangers Wild Force, continuing the Animus/Kite arc.


A flute playing Org controls the citizens of Turtle Cove, and the Rangers, with his music. A surprising ally comes to their rescue - Animus. Flute Org forces citizens, and Rangers, to dance against their will. Shayla and Merrick must overcome the tension between them and summon the Deerzord to break the spell. Also, Animus shows up, in person, and in action!


The episode starts in Turtle Cove when Cole walks and meets many pigeons. Cole greets them and asks them who their leader is. The leader is the white pigeon and Cole asks him about his new friend of the Wild Force RangersKite. Cole describes Kite as a handsome boy and with brown hair and brown eyes. Cole asks the white pigeon if they saw him and the white pigeon answers that they saw him a week ago. Cole asks them to tell him if they see Kite again. Cole thanks the pigeons as Max and Danny arrive and tell Cole that they had been seeking Kite out everywhere but didn't find him much to Cole's surprise.

Meanwhile in the city, Jindrax, Toxica and some Putrids, all dressed as cooks, bring Mandilok a breakfast. Mandilok is happy and can't wait for food. Jindrax welcomes Mandilok. The Orgs bring their master decorated garbage while Jindrax welcomes Mandilok for dessert and says bon appetite. Mandilok is delighted with breakfast ner and says that their creation is very nice. Toxica admits that she knows how Mandilok loves human made things and she says that it's made of the popcorn machine, the motor of the washing machine and the wiring of the air conditioner. Mandilok is glad and says that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and he deserves a nice relaxing breakfast after all his deeds. Mandilok starts to eat but then the Orgs hear the melody of Shayla and Merrick on the Animarium. Mandilok calls the melody a hideous noise and the villains consider the song repulsive. Toxica and the Putrids are angry and even plugged their ears as Mandilok is annoyed and ask who dares to ruin his breakfast. Toxica answers that it's Shayla and Merrick playing that melody and they do it every morning while Jindrax ask do they actually call it music.

Shayla and Merrick play the song and Deer Zord listens to it. Shayla sings and Merrick plays the flute. Deerzord enjoys the music. Kita also hears the music. Kite recognizes the song but doesn't understand why it's so familiar to him and why it brings tears to his heart. Suddenly an org spirit appears in the music shop and acquires a flute, transforming into the Flute Org. The monster scares the seller and another man runs away. Flute Org calls himself a music star with style. Then the Flute Org walks on the streets and hears music of Merrick and Shayla. He calls the melody trash and nothin but trouble and says that he will play "real music".

The Org plays on his flute and Shayla and Merrick hears it, mistakenly think it was Merrick, Shayla says that the music sounds awful. Merrick says that it's not him but Merrick walks away and Shayla tells her lover that he doesn't want to be there. Merrick asks what Shayla means and Shayla answers that three thousand years ago he gladly accompanied her and now their relationships changed. Merrick tells his girlfriend that maybe he just wants to be alone and Shayla tells the Lunar Wolf Ranger that maybe he just doesn't like her and the Rangers or exactly her and she goes away, telling Merrick that she won't sing with him anymore. Deerzord is upset about of all this and leaves. Merrick tries to stop him, but without success.

Mandilok hears the music of the Flute Org and consider it beautiful. Mandilok quickly realizes that it's the Flute Org who plays it and says he can feel it inside. Mandilok orders Jindrax and Toxica to bring the Flute Org to him. Jindrax and Toxica obey. Alyssa comes to Shayla and tells the princess that they're supposed to play with Merrick. Shayla (still mistakenly believe Merrick is a terrible flutist) is angry at Merrick, she considers him a horrible flutist, an unprofessional, annoying and tasteless. Alyssa asks Shayla if something happened to Shayla and Merrick and Shayla answers that she just dislikes Merrick because he's selfish and immature and she just doesn't like him. Shayla declares that she'll never sing with Merrick again. Alyssa and Shayla leave, while the sacred waters bubble.

The children play and have fun on the playground, but suddenly Flute Org attacks the yard and plays his music. The children start to dance and fall into despair, screaming to stop. The Wild Force Rangers arrive to save the children. Cole attacks the villain, while the other Rangers evacuate the children. Flute Org asks the Rangers why they stopped him, as he considered that they danced so beautifully under his lattest bepop original. Alyssa answers to that Org that he was just a villain and he tortured innocent children, who were exhausted. The Flute Org considers the declaration of the White Ranger nonsense and tries to use his music against the Rangers, but it doesn't work. Merrick recognizes his music as the melody which he heard in the morning. Cole notices that magic of the Org doesn't work on them. The Rangers attack Flute Org and overpower him. Flute Org admits that "no one appreciate jazz". The Rangers nearly capture the villain, but Jindrax and Toxica attack the Rangers and tell the Org to go with them. Flute Org escapes with Jindrax and Toxica. The Rangers notice the Org's disappearance and wonder where he has gone. Cole jokes that maybe the Org went to find a teacher to give him music lessons.

Jindrax and Toxica bring the Flute Org to the Nexus and orders him to kneel before Mandilok. Mandilok recognizes him as the Org flutist with magic abilities. Mandilok asks Flute Org is he able to cast a spell on the Rangers and Flute Org answers that he can control only children, but if he would obtain more energy, he would be able to control the adults too. Mandilok agrees to help the Org and decides to take the energy from Jindrax and Toxica. Jindrax and Toxica try to run, but Mandilok takes the energy from them and gives it to the Org, enhancing his abilities.

Cole walks in the city while Kite watches him, Cole sees Kite's reflection in a mirror in the shop and buys an ice-cream for himself and another for Kite then the young boy came up and asks Cole if he is a Ranger and Cole tells his new friend to talk quieter so Cole and Kite walks away in secret to have a private chat.  

Alyssa tells her friends about Princess Shayla's and Merrick's problems and says that Shayla said that she will not play with Merrick anymore but Danny thinks that it's all sad and says that he will miss that song, Max is surprised and Danny admits that it's catchy then Shayla arrives as Max tells the Princess that she had to hear the horrible music of the Org. Max admits he thought his head would explode as Alyssa says that they need to take the flute from the Flute Org and will not be able to play. Shayla is surprised as she realizes that it's the Org who did that horrible music not Merrick. Suddenly the sacred water bubbles and Taylor sees the Flute Org again attacking the city.  

Cole and Kite sit on the bench in the city to talk so Cole ask Kite about his parents and Kite answers that he doesn't remember his parents. Cole asks Kite again that he doesn't really remember his parents and Kite answers "Yes", Cole admits that they are similar as they both don't have parents. Suddenly Cole gets a call from his Morpher, when the Rangers call him to aid them in the battle against the Org, Cole agrees and tells Kite to stay here on the bench to wait for him and also tell him not to go anywhere then Cole leaves to help his  fellow Rangers.  

Flute Org makes all business people dance under his music and they're in despair but Flute Org is delighted and says that now he can control everyone and no one can stop him, the Rangers arrive but not yet knowing that it's a trap but Cole declares that Org was mistaken and they will stop him so Cole orders the Org to give them his flute, but  Flute Org says that he will use it to make them dance so the Rangers try to attack the villain, but Flute Org forces them to dance with his magic and Cole says that he thought the magic of the Org wouldn't work on them.

Princess Shayla tells Cole that they were supposed to battle the Org, but Cole answers that they have to break the spell of the monster. When Merrick comes to Princess Shayla and Shayla asks her friend what he wants, Merrick answers that he isn't angry and his princess is right. Merrick says that he is sometimes hard to be in the Animarium and he has too much memories about his past, including the Ancient Warriors and the events that were three thousand years ago. Merrick says that he needs to accept the destiny, but it's hard. Merrick admits that he still enjoys playing either Princess Shayla and the Deer zord. Shayla asks Merrick for forgiveness as she admits that she was wrong and Merrick actually worries about her, he is a kindhearted and a nice musician so Shayla and Merrick restore their relationships and come to help the Rangers.      

Flute Org is still playing his horrible music and the Rangers are unable to resist the villain. Cole admits that they have to break the spells of the monster somehow but then Princess Shayla and Merrick play their music and Flute Org stops, not been able to play and says that he can't listen to this song. The Rangers stop and all the other people run away and the Rangers notice that Shayla and Merrick retained their relationships. Kite, who sleeps on the bench, also hears the music and wakes up.

Flute Org is annoyed of the song but then Mandilok blasts Shayla and Merrick, stopping their music and Mandilok orders the Flute Org to continue his work. The Org continues his awful music and the Rangers are again unable to stop the villain and  the Orgs laugh at the Rangers but then Deer Zord arrives and neutralize the magic of the Flute Org with his magic dust. Flute Org loses his power and asks the Deer Zord what he had done to his flute. Shayla notices that the Deer Zord arrived because he had heard their music so Merrick declares that it was actually his play on the flute and Shayla angrily punches Merrick from the building, but Merrick morphs and lands.

The Rangers are free and morph to destroy the villain as Cole tells the Org that it's all over but Flute Org still possess energy blasts and battles the Rangers with his powers. Flute Org shows some resistance to the Rangers but they defeat him with their weapons as Kite comes to see the Rangers and Mandilok notices him and wonders why did he come but Toxica answers that Kite is about to support the Rangers.

The Rangers form the Jungle Sword  finish the Org off as Flute Org says that he persished, while he was such a talented musician. Shayla is happy for the Rangers while the Orgs are shocked at the Flute Org's defeat, but Mandilok orders Toxica to revive him. Toxica revives and enlarges the Org. When the Rangers try to summon the Wildzords, Flute Org uses his magic to stop the Rangers. Kite is also annoyed of the music and arrive to help the Rangers.

Mandilok declares that the Orgs will conquer Turtle Cove but then Animus arrives as Wildzords and then forms his true form. The Orgs are surprised as they thought Animus was destroyed three thousand years ago. Shayla is also surprised to see Animus while Flute Org screams at Animus and tells him to go away, but Animus attacks and Flute Org declares that he is a joke but Animus breaks the flute of the Org and Rangers now can summon the Wildzords as the Rangers form the Wild Force Megazord. The Rangers battle the Flute Org and lift him as the Org asks to put him down, but the Rangers throw him and Flute Org is destroyed as the Orgs leave.

The Rangers are happy for their victory and thanks Animus for his help while Merrick asks Animus how is he still alive, as Master Org destroyed Animus three thousand years ago but Animus just disappears much to the Heroes surprise and confusion. Taylor asks Merrick how Animus could appear in their time but Merick answers that he doesn't know so Merrick demorphs and Princess Shayla tells Merrick that they were supposed to go to the Deer zord in the morning while Cole tells everyone that they will meet in Animarium and goes to Kite but Cole doesn't find his young friend and wonders where has he gone to.      




  • Toxica is shown with her helmet off in one scene. This is due to the use of Sentai footage.
  • Despite only having their energy drained to power up the Flute Org, Jindrax and Toxica later appear with bandages on them as if they got hurt.
    • Also in some scenes Toxica’s neck brace randomly changes. Due to footages between American and Japanese.
  • When the Rangers first fight Flute Org her voice for some reason sounds like Mandilok’s male voice.


  • Orgs are shown to like terribly off-key music, while beautiful music like Princess Shayla's sickens them. 

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