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The Flute is the twenty-ninth episode of Power Rangers Wild Force, continuing the Animus/Kite arc.


A flute playing Org controls the citizens of Turtle Cove, and the Rangers, with his music. A surprising ally comes to their rescue - Animus.

Flute Org forces citizens, and Rangers, to dance against their will. Shayla and Merrick must overcome the tension between them and summon the Deerzord to break the spell. Also, Animus shows up, in person, and in action!


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  • Toxica is shown with her helmet off in one scene. This is due to the use of Sentai footage.
  • Despite only having their energy drained to power up the Flute Org, Jindrax and Toxica later appear with bandages on them as if they got hurt.


  • Orgs are shown to like terribly off-key music, while beautiful music like Princess Shayla's sickens them.

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