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The Evox Snare is the ninth episode of Beast Morphers Season 2 and the thirty-second episode of Power Rangers Beast Morphers. It features the debut of the Beast-X King Megazord, the only appearance of Beast-X Ultra Cannon and the resolution of Mayor Adam Daniels and Evox's Arc, while also foreshadowing details that will play a critical role in the series' endgame.


Grid Battleforce shuts down the Morph-X towers to lure Evox into a trap.


With the revelation that Evox has been possessing Mayor Daniels this entire time, Commander Shaw makes a public announcement that Grid Battleforce is shutting down the Morph-X Towers and returning the Morph-X back to the Morphing Grid to prevent Evox from obtaining anymore. In addition, Nate believes that Evox will be dependent on Morph-X due to possessing Mayor Daniels for a long time and will grow desperate enough to get it himself once he learns about the Morph-X Towers shutting down. All of this, however, is part of their plan as Nate created a Hyper Freeze Arrow to shoot at Evox and made a new weapon formation with the Beast-X King Ultra Bow and Beast-X Ultra Blaster, the Beast-X Ultra Cannon. To demonstrate the power of the arrow, Zoey fires it at a dummy Ben and Betty wheel out, encasing it in ice that is hard as diamond with no way to escape. However, that upsets Ben and Betty as the dummy was wearing their father’s wedding tuxedo, and they unsuccessfully try to break through the ice with a jackhammer, resulting in them falling into a hole. Devon asks how they will separate Evox from his dad, but Nate admits that he has not figured that part out yet, and it could be a long time until they can figure it out. Upset by the idea that his father could be frozen forever, Devon storms out of the training area, declaring that he will find a way to save his father if Nate cannot.

In the Crystal Dimension, Evox and his forces see Commander Shaw’s newscast, upsetting Scrozzle as their Morph-X reserves are extremely low. Evox orders the Robo-Generals to get him more Morph-X before the towers are completely empty.

In the record room, Devon researches a way to save his father as Cruise hands him more Ranger Records. Ravi sees Devon researching the notes and asks him if he found anything. Devon reveals that he read about a Black Ranger from another dimension that was slowly corrupted into an evil cyborg, but their lead scientist Doctor K was able to stop the process. However, Devon has been unable to reach Doctor K, and Ravi reminds him that if she cannot help them, they have no other choice but to freeze Evox. Suddenly, Commander Shaw calls them and says that their decoy truck is on the move. As the truck drives down the street, Bulldozertron confronts it for the Morph-X just as the Rangers arrive. They morph and fire at Bulldozertron, knocking him away a few feet away, but the Robotron manages to regroup and fight back. Afterwards, the Robo-Generals arrive with a squad of Tronics, leading Nate and Steel to break from the group and stop them. The Robo-Generals morph and take on Nate and Steel while keeping the Tronics from entering the truck. Meanwhile, the main trio activates Beast-X Mode and push Bulldozertron even further before Devon and Zoey destroy him with a Beast-X Cheetah Charge and Jackrabbit Spin Strike combo. Elsewhere, the Robo-Generals obtain the truck and drive out, but Steel fires at it, destroying the truck alongside the Robo-Generals and the Tronics. Afterwards, Commander Shaw arrives with bad news; Tower 5 has a system failure, and instead of trying to drain it manually, they will have to leave it unguarded. Scrozzle overhears this and teleports back to the Crystal Dimension to inform Evox, but it turns out that it was all part of the Ranger’s plan.

Afterwards, Commander Shaw is informed by her crew that a Gigadrone is teleporting to Tower 5 and that there is a transdimensional call from Doctor K. Commander Shaw allows Devon to head back to Grid Battleforce to talk with Doctor K while Nate goes back to finish the second Hyper Freeze Arrow. The rest of the Rangers head out in their Zords, although Steel pilots the Beast-X King Zord. With a new Megazord program developed by Nate, the three Rangers combine their Zords into the Beast-X King Megazord, just as Bulldozerdrone teleports near the Morph-X Tower. The new Megazord combination overpowers the Gigadrone, before destroying it with a Beast-X King Hyper Beam.

Back at Grid Battleforce, Devon is chatting with Doctor K about his situation, but the latter says that the situation with Mayor Daniels is vastly different from what Dillon went through, meaning that none of her tech could help him. Devon pleads with Doctor K about another idea, and she reveals one. A few years ago, Doctor K read about how the Dino Charge Rangers were able to rescue Zenowing from being inside Doomwing thanks to Split Emitters, and that peaks Devon’s interest. After the call, Devon enters the lab, just when the others were going to go with the plan, and asks Nate about the Ranger Vault and the Split Emitters. Nate says they might be in there, but before Devon can explain what he learned, Commander Shaw interrupts them, ordering them to leave. Devon stays behind so he can find the Split Emitters himself, and Nate leaves him a vial of Morph-X so he could power them up. Devon asks Ben and Betty’s help on finding the Split Emitters, entering the Ranger Vault where it contains old Ranger technology ranging from old Morphers to Weapons. Betty manages to find the Split Emitters, and Devon gives them the Morph-X to charge them while explaining his plan to them.

At Tower 5, the Rangers stake out the area for Evox’s arrival as Nate prepares the Hyper Freeze Arrow inside the Beast-X Ultra Cannon. Evox eventually teleports to the Tower's front entrance, and once in the target zone, Nate fires the arrow at him. However, even in his weakened state, Evox catches the arrow before it hits him and flings it back at the Rangers. Before Evox can move towards the Tower any further, Devon arrives and confronts the latter. However, Evox turns back into Mayor Daniels, trying to goad Devon into leading him into the Morph-X Tower as it could lead to Devon’s father dying alongside Evox without Morph-X. Despite the Rangers pleas, Devon lowers his Beast-X Blaster, but when Evox walks past him, Ben tells Devon that the Split Emitters are ready. Without hesitation, Devon transports the Split Emitters to Evox’s location, and they successfully separate the latter from Mayor Daniels. Devon runs to his father as the two embrace, while Scrozzle and a weakened Evox teleport away.

Later that day, Commander Shaw announces that the Morph-X Towers will be back online to the public, and while Nate reveals that there were traces of the Evox Virus inside the Morph-X, it's all gone now. Commander Shaw asks Mayor Daniels if he knows anything about Evox’s plans in the future, but the latter admits that everything went black after noticing the purple glow on his hands. Regardless, Devon is happy to have his father back to normal, and while Mayor Daniels thanks the Rangers for rescuing him, Nate says that Devon deserves full credit as his plan worked. Suddenly, Zoey notices that the Split Emitters are missing, and everybody wonders where they went. It turns out Ben and Betty took them to get General Burke’s tuxedo out of the ice, but their antics lead to the Burke family getting trapped inside the ice until Devon steps in to help.



Devon in place of Steel.

  • When the Rangers form the Beast-X King Megazord, a triple shot shows Devon, Zoey, and Ravi instead of Steel, Zoey, and Ravi since Devon was taking a call from Doctor K at the time.
  • In the shot of Zoey and Nate, the production crew can briefly be seen reflecting off of their visors.


  • Evox is separated from Mayor Daniels through the Split Emitters in this episode.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Doctor K since "Danger and Destiny".
  • This episode reveals that Grid Battleforce has the Ranger Vault, where they store Morphers, weapons and inventions of previous Power Rangers teams.
  • Ene-tan can be seen in the background among the objects kept in the Ranger vault.
  • DillonZenowing and Doomwing are mentioned in this episode.
  • Final on-screen appearance of General Burke, though he's mentioned in "Fossil Frenzy".
  • It is unknown how the Rangers recovered the Split Emitters and now is in the vault, since the last time it was on Sledge's ship when it was stolen by Wrench to use it with Heckyl and Snide, although it could be argued that after separating them, Wrench dump it on the ground and the Rangers got it back.

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