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For the Power Rangers Jungle Fury comic story, see The Enemy Within (Jungle Fury).

The Enemy Within is the thirty-sixth episode of Power Rangers in Space. It is the conclusion of the six-episode Psycho Ranger arc, featuring the defeats of Psycho Red, Psycho Black and Psycho Yellow.


The Power Rangers recover their Mega Vehicles, which had been stolen by the Psycho Rangers. But when the Mega Voyager is once again formed, it turns out that Psycho Yellow has taken control of the Megazord from within, turning it against the Rangers. But Psycho Red, having become fed up with Astronema interfering with his plans to destroy the Red Ranger, causes the Psychos' plans to fall apart and the Rangers regain control of the Mega Voyager. Taking advantage of Psycho Red's impatience, all six Power Rangers work together in a final battle against the giant monster forms of the final three Psycho Rangers.


With the Mega Voyager taken by the Psycho Rangers, the Rangers are hard at work locating their stolen Megazord. Carlos manages to find a link to the vortex, and Andros has Ashley change course to follow the signal.

Meanwhile, Dark Specter is not happy that Astronema has not found the source of his powers being drained, ordering her to find them quickly. As Dark Specter leaves, Astronema says that her plan is working to her design as the Psycho Rangers will drain the last of Dark Specter’s powers, though Ecliptor fears that they are getting a little overzealous and more impatient than ever. Ecliptor’s concerns become true as Psycho Red makes his own plans with the Mega Voyager to finally destroy Andros, ignoring his teammate's concerns that his obsession could vaporize them. However, Psycho Red refuses to let Astronema foil his plans any longer.

On the Megaship, Ashley discovers the link to the vortex, and believe that the Mega Voyager is on a planet on the M94 Galaxy. Before heading out, Zhane knows that the Psycho Rangers are not that dumb to leave the Mega Voyager out there in the open without springing a trap. So, Zhane says he will go out alone to face the Psycho Rangers because he knows that what they are expecting. As Zhane pilots the Mega Winger and the Delta Megazord to the Mega Voyager’s location, the rest of the Rangers morph and drive the Mega Tank discretely to their Zords. As the Psycho Rangers see this, they spring their own plan into motion with Psycho Yellow heading out to parts unknown, and Psycho Red and Black growing into their monster forms. As the Mega Winger and the Delta Megazord fight the two Psycho Rangers, the Rangers make it to their Mega V Zords and climb into their cockpits, unaware that Psycho Yellow is watching them. Seeing that all systems are okay, the Rangers form the Mega Voyager and join the Mega Winger and the Delta Megazord. However, something goes wrong as the Mega Voyager freezes in place and Andros cannot move the controls. Ashley sees that all their systems are infected, and it's too late to override the CPU.

Psycho Yellow speaks through the system, revealing that she has turned herself into a virus and has infected the Mega Voyager, giving her full control of the Megazord. Psycho Yellow uses the Mega Voyager to attack the Mega Winger and the Delta Megazord, overpowering them both as Psycho Black restrains them to a wall with chains. Psycho Yellow taunts the Rangers that there's nothing they can do to stop her, and Psycho Red declares that Andros his now. Suddenly, Psycho Red teleports back to the Dark Fortress against his will, with Ecliptor revealing that he pulled him away. A furious Psycho Red attacks Ecliptor for his meddling, but the latter reminds him that he is under Astronema’s orders as he overpowers the Psycho Ranger. However, Psycho Red refuses to be Astronema’s pawn any longer and teleports back to the M94 planet.

Finally losing his patience over being denied the chance to fight against Andros, Psycho Red forcibly teleports the Red Ranger out of the Mega Voyager and fights him. Andros does his best against Psycho Red, but the latter is too powerful against him as he knocks him down. Fortunately, Alpha 6 arrives in the Astro Megazord to help Andros out, causing the latter to jump into the Megazord’s cockpit as Psycho Red grows into his monster form again. Andros summons the Astro Megazord Saber and puts it into a supercharged state before striking the Mega Voyager with it. The shock manages to weaken Psycho Yellow, but Psycho Red refuses to let Andros go again and tries to destroy him. While Psycho Black restrains his teammate as they are still under Astronema's command, a furious Psycho Red pushes him aside and strikes the Mega Voyager, forcing Psycho Yellow to eject from it and giving the Rangers full control of their Megazord again. Then, Andros uses the Astro Megazord saber to free the Mega Winger and the Delta Megazord. As the Psycho Rangers fight amongst each other, Psycho Red attacks his teammates, brainwashing them into his slaves and forcing Psycho Yellow to grow into her monster form. Even with four Megazords, the three Psycho Rangers' combined powers overwhelm them and sends all four of them to the ground. Suddenly, Ashley gets an idea; if they can absorb and redirect the Psycho Rangers' energy back at them, they might be able to finally destroy them. Even though the Megazord's are nearing the end of their powers, they go through with it. The Astro Delta Megazord is formed as the Psycho Rangers attack them again. The Rangers do their best to absorb their energies, nearly overloading their systems, but once the Psycho Rangers run out of energy, the Mega Voyager fires a powerful Mega V3 missile at them, charged with the energy they absorbed. Once the dust clears, the Rangers see that the Psycho Rangers are gone, meaning their fight against their evil counterparts is finally over.

On the Dark Fortress, Dark Specter finds out about the Psycho Rangers, but Astronema lies that she destroyed them herself, even shushing Elgar when he tries to chirp in that the Power Rangers destroyed them. However, Dark Specter doesn't know that Astronema was behind the Psycho Rangers in the first place, and thanks her for dealing with them. After Dark Specter leaves, Astronema is angry that her plans have failed and threatens Elgar when the latter asks who her real allegiance is, claiming that she is only out for herself. Despite that, Astromena coldly says that both the Power Rangers and Dark Specter will be under her feet.

On the Megaship, the Rangers are relieved that the Psycho Rangers are finally destroyed, and they can go back to looking for Zordon. As Andros leaves to get some sleep, he is soon confronted by a seemingly alive Psycho Red. As Andros attacks in self-defense, it's soon revealed that Psycho Red was Zhane in costume, wanting to pull a prank on Andros. In response, Andros flips Zhane.



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  • This is the first and only time Astronema uses her teleporting ability since being brainwashed back to evil.
  • With Psycho Pink and Blue already destroyed, this episode marks the destruction of Psycho Red, Black, and Yellow. All the Psycho Rangers return shortly in "Mission to Secret City".
  • This marks the final time a recap narration was used.

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