This article is about a/an episode in Power Rangers in Space, the last installment in the Zordon Era.
For the Power Rangers Jungle Fury comic story, see The Enemy Within (Jungle Fury).

The Enemy Within is the thirty-sixth episode of Power Rangers In Space. It is the conclusion of the six-episode Psycho Ranger arc, featuring the defeats of Psycho Red, Psycho Black and Psycho Yellow.


The Power Rangers recover their Mega Vehicles, which had been stolen by the Psycho Rangers. But when the Mega Voyager is once again formed, it turns out that Psycho Yellow has taken control of the Megazord from within, turning it against the Rangers. But Psycho Red, having become fed up with Astronema interferring with his plans to destroy the Red Ranger, causes the Psychos' plans to fall apart and the Rangers regain control of the Mega Voyager. Taking advantage of Psycho Red's impatience, all six Power Rangers work together in a final battle against the giant monster forms of the final three Psycho Rangers.


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  • This is the first and only time Astronema uses her teleporting ability since being brainwashed back to evil.
  • With Psycho Pink and Blue already destroyed, this episode marks the destruction of Psycho Red, Black, and Yellow. All the Psycho Rangers return shortly in "Mission to Secret City".
  • This marks the final time a recap narration was used.

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