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Character History

A grotesque Beast Warrior with eyes beneath it's mouth. It's main ability is the creation of strings from it's fingers which allows for it to control anyone wrapped around them like a puppet, with the Beast Warrior as the puppeteer. Lead by Sir Cowler, The Drake first captures Jin but it is stopped by Leh Baraki who was supposed to be on Mess' side again after being recaptured. As punishment, Baraki is placed under The Drake's control and forced to rampage against his will with him merely holding out only to live long enough to give the Flashman a final warning about the affliction that affects warriors of planet Flash. Forced to fight Jin, he becomes freed by Jin using his own sword to cut the cords, but The Drake kills Baraki before he can fully give off the warning about the weakness of Flash warriors. Angered, Jin attacks the Drake and the team destroy it first with Rolling Vulcan, then with Great Titan after it has been rebuilt by Kuragen.


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Modus and Arsenal

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Behind the Scenes

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