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Character History

A Beast Warrior with an anglerfish-like protrusion and large sharp teeth. It's main ability is the ability to transform into an electrical energy and travel through electronic devices, where it grabs and abducts those within the device of it's choice yet keeping them within the same collective network. The main storage facility that The Descom exists in is the main harddrive of the Mess mothership, Laboh, which Sir Cowler claimed later was Lee Keflen's means to steal vital information due to his own knowledge of the truth of Mess leader Ra Deus, even though Keflen denied any of Cowler's accusations to the leader.

When the Flashman finally face The Descom to regain it's abducted victims, the five are taken into a video-game world controlled by the Beast Warrior where they attempt to save but ultimately fail due to it's powers and the illusions of Nefelura tricking their minds. Ultimately a combined attack barrage of Yellow Flash and Pink Flash shuts down the Laboh harddrive, exposing the Beast Warrior to be attacked by the Rolling Vulcan destroying it.

After Kuragen grows it, The Descom attempts to take over Flash King, forcing them to shut down their giant mech in order to expose the being. Knowing that merely restarting the computer system for the mech will allow for it to retake the mecha, the team is forced to turn it on long enough to paralyze it with a King Beam; once stunned, they are able to gain the Cosmo Sword to finish it off.


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Modus and Arsenal

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Behind the Scenes

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