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The Demoss (ザ・デーモス Za Dēmosu) is a kaiju-sized fusion of the remaining genetics of Lah Deus and Kuragen. It is also the final creation of Mess.

Character History

Main article: Great Emperor Lah Deus
Main article: Kuragen

Great Doctor Lie Köpflen's final Beast Warrior creation, fusing Lah Deus's remaining genetics from his mask with the giant-creating Kuragen, the first being created from Earth creatures during Mess' invasion. Emerging as a three-legged giant, The Demoss utilizes the tenacious indestructable nature of a jellyfish while possessing Kuragen's energy-control, allowing for it to fully absorb and release energy within it's own body. As the battle continues on, the Lah Deus mask on Demoss's face mutates into a more monstrous form.

Having been weakened to the brink by the Anti-Flash Phenomenon, the Flashman are forced to spend 8 of their final 10 hours on Earth fighting The Demoss in a final battle with their mecha. When they try to use Flash King, it absorbs their energy attacks and ultimately, when they use Cosmo Sword on the body, it ends up breaking, leading to the Deus Beast Warrior to attack and destroy the mecha. Switching to Great Titan, the team realizes the infinite energy emission of Titan Nova, firing it over and over until the creature can no longer withstand it and explodes, taking the last of Lah Deus's genetics with it.


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Modus and Arsenal

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Behind the Scenes

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