This article is about a/an monster in Power Rangers Turbo, the third installment in the Zordon Era .

The Demon Racers are a pair of demon-themed monsters who are expert racers.

Demon Racer 1

""Without me, you will never find out where I hid the detonator! That is of course, not until it's TOO LATTTE!""
―His last words before his death[src]

The first Demon Racer challenged Adam to a race. If Adam won, Demon Racer would reveal where the detonator was. Demon Racer pulled all different types of tricks but to no avail. Adam won the race while Demon Racer crashed his vehicle. Extremely weakened, he got out of his vehicle, declaring that he'd never tell Adam where the detonator was, fell down and exploded.

Demon Racer 2

"No stop!"
The 2nd Demon Racer's final words before his destruction.

The second Demon Racer was cloned by Porto, who seemed to foreshadow the demise of the first. This Demon Racer terrorized the city with his fast driving skills, intending to run over anything and anyone. When the Rangers arrived to confront him, Divatox ordered the torpedo launch to make the monster grow. Adam took him on using his Turbo racer, driving everywhere to confuse Demon Racer, and even knock him down with a missile fired from the vehicle. Then the Rangers called for the power of the Turbo Megazord to make it a fair fight. The Turbo Megazord destroyed him with its Spinout move.

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