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The Dapiras (ザ・ダピラス Za Dapirasu) is a Beast Warrior creation of the Reconstructive Experiment Empire Mess.

Character History

A weak-appearing Beast Warrior with a dorsal fin along it's back. While it appears weak, it's greatest ability allows for it to grow in power by absorbing any energy it is hit with, making it's dorsal fin grow larger and ultimately allowing for it to fire it back with greater strength. Further, if The Dapiras is destroyed with energy within the fin, it can regenerate and become stronger than ever.

During an initial attack on the Flashman, it absorbs several shots of its Prism Shooters with no effect other than being knocked back before Dai appears to destroy it with his Green Vul cannon. However when both Jin and Lou realized something seemed strange, Jin returned to discover The Dapiras had regenerated but could not warn the others due to being discovered and forced into combat with Ley Wanda. The other Flashman return to fight it, this time growing more powerful by absorbing Prism energy from Dai's Prism Kaiser and Lou's Prism Boots before being destroyed again with four Vul Cannons.

However as The Dapiras was defeated a second time and started to regenerate, Kuragen emerged and assisted in regenerating and growing the Beast Warrior to make it giant and more powerful still. The four Flashmen try to hold it off with the individual vehicles but could not form Flash King both due to Jin not being around and out of fear of what a Super Cosmo Flash would do to its power. When Jin finally does emerge to allow for Flash King's creation, their Super Cosmo Flash move was stopped as predicted, making the Beast Warrior appear strong enough to stop their mecha. However finally realizing the energy storage properties of The Dapiras' fin, Dai instructs the team to strike the dorsal fin with the Cosmo Sword, severing The Dapiras from energy and allowing Super Cosmo Flash to finally destroy it.


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