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The Curve Ball is the 39th episode of Power Rangers Turbo.


T.J. is stumped by a new kid, Heath, who has a nasty curve ball no one on the baseball team can hit. Divatox's newest monster, Strikeout, similarly has an unhittable toss. When Heath's egotistical showboating nearly gets himself killed, T.J. takes the effort to save him. Heath returns the favor by showing T.J. how to hit a curve ball, which might be essential for his rematch with Strikeout.


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  • Strikeout says to T.J., "You'll be lucky to even see this pitch comin' atcha, Ranger, much less hit it!".  This implies that T.J. would need less luck to hit the pitch than to see it; in other words, that he would have a better chance of hitting the pitch than of seeing it.  The correct way to word it would be, "...let alone hit it!".
  • When T.J. asks Heath if all he thinks about is winning and losing, Heath tells him, "Not winning and losing; just winning!".  He should have accentuated the word 'losing'.  


  • Final time the Turbo Megazord destroys a monster.
  • This is the final time any mention is made of T.J.'s love for baseball.
  • Cassie does not appear in this episode unmorphed.
  • Although Ashley and Justin appear in this episode, they only speak when morphed.
  • Justin, Ashley and Cassie make less participation in this episode.
  • T.J. is shown to be a left-handed batter, however when batting against Strikeout, he is batting right-handed which would imply he's a switch-hitter.
  • This marks the second attempt by a monster to block the Turbo Megazord's Spinout attack. However, out of three attempts, only two were successful, the first being when the Metallosaurus intercepted, countered and blocked the attack, and when Goldgoyle managed to survive a modified version of the attack. 


  • You Are the Power Team (instrumental)

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