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The Craterite Invasion is the ninth episode of Power Rangers In Space.


The Power Rangers are training in the SimuDeck, when a bolt of lightning strikes the Astro Megaship, turning the holographic-simulation drones, the Craterites, into living creatures. They pile out of the Megaship by the dozens and infiltrate Angel Grove, capturing adults and disguising themselves in their place. A young boy named Patrick, known for crying wolf and telling huge lies, discovers this evil plan, and tries to convince someone to believe him. Bulk, Skull, and Professor Phenomenus witness the Craterites landing.


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  • The shot of the Craterites parachuting to Earth contained no sound whatsoever.
  • The Craterites appeared to be falling from the Dark Fortress.
  • Andros stated that the Craterites only wanted to fight the Power Rangers, however later the team went to rescue Patrick who was in no danger anyway (if the Craterites were truly only interested in fighting the Rangers then they were endangering Patrick by being with him).


  • None of the regular villains appear in this episode.
  • This episode uses Craterite footage from several Megaranger episodes. The opening simu-deck fight is from "episode 1", boss/monster Craterite footage is from "episode 14", the parachuting shot is from "episode 19", the construction site fight is from "episode 25", and the beach footage is from "episode 27". To make up for not using the Kunekunes, the enemy grunts from Megaranger, Saban decided to use footage from multiple episodes for this story.
  • This marks the only time that the Rangers fight the Craterites outside of the Astro Megaship.
  • In the construction fight, a scene from the MegaBlue Ranger is removed because it touches the "parts" of a KuneKune, this for being considered offensive.

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