This article is about a/an mutation device in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy.

The Cocoon.

Trakeena after her complete transfiguration in the Cocoon

The Cocoon was a powerful weapon that was sewn by Scorpius in Stolen Beauty. His intention was for his daughter, Trakeena, to enter it and "shed her mortal beauty" so she could become "an insect with magnificent powers". Trakeena refused, scared of what it would do to her, and when Scorpius tried to force her transformation, she fled the Scorpion Stinger. Shortly after, Deviot arrived and wanted to use the Cocoon and be Scorpius's second in command upon Trakeena's absence. Deviot soon plotted Scorpius's demise. However, Trakeena returned in time to witness her father's death and take over for him. In An Evil Game, Trakeena had Kegler lock the Cocoon up in the storage room, just in case she needed it. Following his return from the The Lost Galaxy in Journey's End, Deviot's treachery was discovered and Trakeena ordered his destruction. In a last ditch effort, Deviot grabbed Trakeena and jumped into the Cocoon with her. However, Trakeena prevailed and absorbed Deviot. Trakeena absorbed all of Deviot's evil, which turned her into a far more ruthless villain than she previously was. After she suffered fatal injuries when the Scorpion Stinger crashed on Mirinoi's moon, Trakeena entered the Cocoon again, and transformed into the powerful humanoid muscular female insect that Scorpius had intended. The Cocoon was never seen again, but was never destroyed and was always in The Scorpion Stinger's wreck.

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