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The Cobra Strikes is the sixteenth episode of Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue. It features the temporary destruction of Diabolico, as well as the first appearance of the Lightspeed Solarzord and the Rangers' Battle Boosters.


Diabolico brings back his three generals merged as one monster, Troika, which the Rangers destroy with their new Battle Boosters. Diabolico then goes down himself and battles the Rangers, taking down the Supertrain Megazord. Ryan finds the cobra tattoo's power source, a cobra monster from the tomb, and destroys it, lifting the curse. He joins the Rangers and helps them defeat Diabolico with a new Zord combination - the Lightspeed Solarzord.


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  • Diabolico is destroyed, but will return in "As Time Runs Out".
  • Debut of the Lightspeed Solarzord.
  • Impus will become Olympius in the next episode.
  • The Cobra Incarnate is a recolored Snizzard, with the apple on its head removed.
  • Ryan's cobra curse is broken in this episode and he will have no further trouble while morphed in the future.
  • This marks the first time a Ranger is still able to access his or her weapon after demorphing.
  • The original "Next Time on Power Rangers" promo at the end is not included on the Shout Factory DVD set and is replaced with one showing scenes from the next three episodes rather than just the next one.


  • Joel remarked after the initial battle with Troika that the Unilaser had bounced off him, something that wasn't seen to happen on-screen.
  • Matoi Tatsumi's eyes instead of the visor are seen when Carter enters Pyro Rescue 1.

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