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The Blame Game is the sixth episode of Beast Morphers Season 2 and the twenty-eighth episode of Power Rangers Beast Morphers. It features the prototype of the Beast-X King Ultra Bow.


Steel learns the concept of discipline and takes it too far, putting one of the Beast Morphers Rangers in real danger.


The Rangers are at the park playing football when Steel sees a father punish his daughter for littering. When he asks the Rangers about that, they explain that the father was teaching her a lesson and teaching her about discipline, making Steel wonder about it.

In the Crystal Dimension, the Robo-Generals return with the required material Scrozzle asked for, a hand puppet. Scrozzle uses the puppet to create Controlatron, and Evox orders the Robo-Generals to take the Robotron to Grid Battleforce and capture Nate.

At Grid Battleforce, Ben and Betty are vacuuming leaves but struggle with the vacuum. So, Betty decides to pour Morph-X into the machine to give it a boost, but it works too well as they suck an entire tree into the vacuum. Meanwhile, Steel chews out a security worker, Cole, for not checking a co-worker’s package as it’s Grid Battleforce rules, and punishes him by sending him out to rake leaves with Ben and Betty. Although most of the Rangers felt that was not necessary, Steel argued that he was teaching Cole a lesson.

Outside, Controlatron creates a virus-infected puppet, explaining that only one touch would have Nate under his control. He also creates a second puppet that resembles Cole so the latter can deliver Nate’s puppet. Robo-Blaze leaves both puppets out into the open where Cole sees his, and touches it. He gets infected and is under Controlatron’s control. The now mind-controlled Cole takes Nate’s puppet to him, and the latter gets under Controlatron’s control after touching it.

At the Riptide Gym, Steel tells the other Rangers that he has been teaching people lessons for minor infractions, including a waiter for chewing gum. However, Zoey feels that Steel is going overboard about this. Just then, Commander Shaw tells the Rangers about a Robotron attack but adds that she cannot contact Nate for unknown reasons. The Rangers see an already morphed Nate bowing to Controlatron, with the latter ordering the Gold Ranger to attack his friends. The Rangers are reluctant to fight Nate at the risk of hurting him, but Zoey notices that Controlatron is controlling him through a hand puppet. They morph in response, but Nate summons a squad of Tronics to join him. Neither Ravi nor Steel can take on Nate by themselves, and after knocking them down, he leaves with Controlatron.

In the Crystal Dimension, a brainwashed Nate is making progress on Evox’s master plans as the latter expresses more disappointment in the Robo-Generals for continual disappointment, even though they succeed this time. Once the programming is complete, master Evox sends Nate back to Earth so he could destroy his friends. In addition, Scrozzle plans on sending out two Gigadrones to attack Coral Harbor.

Back at Grid Battleforce, Steel drags Cole into Commander Shaw’s office while Ben and Betty tell Devon that they saw Nate outside the building. Steel tells Shaw that security footage shows Cole taking the packaged puppet to Nate’s office without getting it scanned, and why the latter fell into Controlatron’s control. Cole apologizes as he has no memory of the incident, claiming that it went blank for a moment, but Steel finds it a weak excuse and decides to fire the former for repeatedly breaking the rules. A disappointed Cole takes his leave, just when the alarm goes off on the two Gigadrones.

While the three Rangers go off into their Zords, Devon continues his search for Nate, only to get sneak attacked by the latter. Fortunately, Cole’s early warning causes Devon to react, and the two Rangers morph before continuing the fight. Devon tries to get Nate back to normal, but Controlatron’s spell is too strong to break as they continue fighting. When Controlatron appears, Devon gets an idea and tosses his Beast-X Saber into the Robotron’s hand puppet, destroying it and breaking the spell over Nate. Afterward, Devon activates Beast-X Mode, and the two Rangers destroy Controlatron with a Striker Beast Blast and a Beast-X Cheetah Charge combo.

Meanwhile, the other Rangers arrive in the Chopper Zord, Wheeler Zord Gorilla Mode, and the Striker Megazord (being personally piloted by Steel) to confront the first Gigadrone, Digidrone. At first, things are going well as the three Rangers overpower Digidrone, but then, Controladrone appears behind Ravi and takes control of the Wheeler Zord through its own powers. Controladrone forces the Wheeler Zord to attack the Striker Megazord as Ravi and Smash struggle to try and regain control. As Steel gets ganged up, Zoey fires at the two Gigadrones, destroying Controladrone’s puppet and freeing the Beast Wheeler Zord. Devon arrives in the Racer Zord Battle Mode, the main trio forming the Beast-X Megazord immediately, and Nate joins Steel in the cockpit of the Striker Megazord. Then, the two Megazords proceed to destroy the Gigadrones with the Striker Hyper Blast and Beast-X Hyper Strike respectively.

Back at Grid Battleforce, Nate apologizes for his actions while adding on that he has no memory of what happened while being under Controlatron’s control. Recalling that Cole said the same thing, Steel realized he made a mistake as the former was under Controlatron’s control when he brought the package over. To make things right, Commander Shaw calls Cole over and Steel apologizes for being hard on him. Cole is offered his job back, and he happily agrees to it, promising to be more thorough in his scanning. Meanwhile, Ben and Betty try to plant a new tree to replace the missing one, but they accidentally spill some of Nate’s special fertilizer onto it. The tree grows, but the siblings are caught up in the air, asking the others for help.



  • The human Blaze and Roxy do not appear in this episode
  • In Go-Busters, Controlatron was originally part of a group of Metaloids/Robotrons called the Messiah Metaloids, monsters derived from objects infused with data obtained from cards created from the remaining data left from the main villain, Messiah, after he was originally destroyed in episode 30 which became Evox Upgraded. He was the second of this elite group of monsters to appear following Sunadokeiloid, the counterpart of Digitron.
  • Digidrone, the Gigadrone counterpart of Digitron appears in this episode.
    • However, this is not directly pointed out as such, so there's no indication Scrozzle used Digitron's data vs. this being a random design.
  • During the final fight scene, the “Messiah” logo on Controlatron’s leg was edited to change the M to I so it said “Iessiah” instead while during the first fight, the logo appears to disappear.
  • Besides Railtron before him, Controlatron has the most amount of American footage created for any monster yet with almost all of the footage of him being exclusively filmed for Beast Morphers.
    • The reason for this is because the original Japanese footage would have him spending a lot of time around brainwashed Japanese people.
  • The Zord battle footage from Go-Busters has been digitally edited so that the Chopper Zord, not the Beast-X King Zord, destroys Controladrone's puppet.
    • This is because, unlike LT-06, the Beast-X King Zord does not debut in this episode.


  • It seems Nate was using a Beast-X Morpher, instead of his Striker Morpher during his fight with Devon.
  • Nate's hand gestures when he says "I'm a good little puppet" do not match up with the puppet controlling him.
  • The attack that took down Controladrone and Digidrone was clearly purple fireballs and not the usual red energy blasts that the Chopper Zord usually fires.
    • This is because it was actually the counterpart to the Beast-X King Zord in Go-Busters which took them down with purple fireballs. This was removed, with the Zord being digitally removed from the buildings behind the two, and the Chopper Zord edited into the footage as that Zord had not been introduced yet.
  • In original American footage, Controlatron has the puppet that controls his victim on his left hand and has a humanoid right hand, but in Sentai footage, this controlling puppet is on his right hand and on his left hand he has another puppet.
    • This is most evident when the camera cuts from Controlatron reacting the Devon vs Nate battle in American footage to him arriving after he is freed from Controllatron's control to fight them in Sentai footage.
  • When Controlatron takes over Cole, he demonstrates how he can make Cole move. However, since Cole is facing the camera and Controllatron away from the camera, the actions are mirrored (e.g. Controllatron moves the puppet's right arm, Cole moves his left arm.)
  • Despite sucking up the entire tree, only the leaves burst out of the vacuum, and not any of the branches, or roots.

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