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The Announcer (講釈師 Kōshakushi, 1-24, 39) acts as the narrator and storyteller in the first arc of Ninja Sentai Kakuranger


He tells the background and mythology behind that episodes' Youkai and provides comical commentary to the actions of the heroes and villains, speaking directly to the audience and occasionally interacting directly with the characters. After Gashadokuro begins the ritual to free Daimaou, the announcer no longer is present, with most Youkai themselves revealing their background.

The Announcer returns once in the second arc, providing full coverage of the Kakuranger's lives.  He and his camera crew even gained access to Daimaou's base, where the Announcer gave commentary on the Youkai, including the Flowery Kunoichi Team, Hakumenrou, and Daimaou before being thrown out (and off a bridge) by Dorodoros. He survives, but is not seen again in the remaining episodes.

Behind the scenes


The Announcer was portrayed by famed rakugo performer Enjou Sanyuutei.


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