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The Ancient Warrior is the fifteenth episode of Power Rangers Wild Force, continuing the Zen-Aku arc that began in the Curse of the Wolf and the subplot connected to future Ranger, Merrick Baliton (a guardian of the Animarium from 3,000 years ago).


The ancient Animus intervenes to reveal Zen-Aku's true identity - Merrick, the ancient warrior who defeated Master Org by using the cursed wolf mask. By defeating Predazord, the Rangers break the curse, returning Merrick back to normal.


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  • Merrick is wearing his ancient warrior's helmet when he transforms back to normal during the eclipse. But, in his flashback of how he became Zen-Aku, he was shown taking off the helmet and casting it aside just before putting on the cursed mask.
  • In the shot where Merrick is corrupted by the wolf mask, the cockpit appearance and Merrick's clothing is different (due to the show using the Gaoranger source footage for this scene).

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