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The Alliance is a group of villains who scheme to save Zordon to prevent Zordon's Energy Wave. The group is publicly led by Thrax but secretly led by Mr. Ashford.



A-Squad Red Ranger Charlie
A-Squad Blue Ranger A-Squad Blue Ranger
A-Squad Green Ranger A-Squad Green Ranger
A-Squad Yellow Ranger A-Squad Yellow Ranger
A-Squad Pink Ranger A-Squad Pink Ranger


  • The Alliance is the first villain faction to keep the identity of its leaders unknown until the finale.
  • The Alliance is the first major villain faction run by one-time monster of a previous season.
  • The Alliance is the first villain faction to utilize monsters from previous seasons, with Primator, Doomstone, Beevil, and the A-Squad Rangers.
  • Scorpina is the first general to be on more than one series' villain factions since Elgar.

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