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The Accident is the 37th episode of Power Rangers Turbo.


Carlos accidentally injures a fellow teammate while playing soccer. He takes this mistake to heart when he's accused of having done it on purpose. When Elgar wreaks havoc on Angel Grove in his new Terrorzord, Carlos must try and overcome his self-doubts.

Meanwhile, Bulk & Skull try their luck as water delivery boys.


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  • Carlos' unlucky habit of "friendly fire" will come into play again in In Space's "Always a Chance".
  • There is not a monster of the day in this episode due to the fact that the Rangers fight with Elgar.
  • Carlos doesn't morph in the fight with the Piranhatrons.
  • Dimitria doesn't appear in this episode and Alpha is seen briefly when he sees that Blue Senturion is in danger.
  • Carlos is the Ranger who has the most screentime in this episode, and Justin is seen a bit more than T.J, Cassie and Ashley who only appears briefly unmorphed in the Command Center but they don't have any other scenes in the episode.
  • This is the first episode in which Carlos deals with a personal matter regarding guilt.


  • When the morphed TJ talks with the unmorphed Carlos, The suit's zipper can be seen.


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