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Tezzla, along with Gerrok, Steelon, and Automon, was one of the remnant Machine Empire Generals led by General Venjix.

Character History

Although unseen during Power Rangers Zeo, Tezzla served as one of five generals in the Machine Empire.

After Zordon's Energy Wave in the finale of Power Rangers in Space, which obliterated King Mondo and all others in the Machine Empire, she and the other generals somehow survived and began plotting revenge against the Rangers along with an army of surviving Cogs. Countdown to Destruction

Years later during the events of Power Rangers Wild Force, the generals went to the Moon to dig up Lord Zedd's old zord, Serpentera, and powered it with a Neo Plutonium reactor. However, before they could put their plans into action, ten Red Rangers stormed into the base and defeated their Cogs. When she and the other generals attempted to board Serpentera, they were stopped by the Red Rangers, and Tezzla fought against Aurico and Eric Myers, and was blasted by Eric's Quantum Defender. Forever Red


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Powers and Abilities

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  • Pulsaber

Behind the Scenes



  • Her name is a pun on Nikola Tesla, a famous Serbian-American inventor and engineer best known for the invention of alternating current and the self-named Tesla coil.

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