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Tetsu Bandai (番田一徹 Bandai Tetsu) is the master of the Panda-school of martial arts

Character History

Tetsu Bandai is a martial arts teacher, most notably working at the academy where Daimon became trained to becoming a police officer. His ultimate ability is that of the "Tornado Drop", a powerful drop move where one does a spin plummet to the ground with their body. He is obsessed in drinking milk just like Daimon.

During a visit where he chides Daimon on not keeping to his training, he encounters the Psyma Beast Spartan, who is acting as a dojo destroyer trying to find warriors to fight and prove his strength. Encountering him, Bandai easily defeats Spartan with his Tornado Drop, impressing Spartan to the point that he decides to abandon the Psyma and Cobolda just to train under him; against Daimon's cries, Bandai accepts seeing him as a worthy student for his methods. The teacher trains Spartan until he masters the Tornado Drop, but then abandons him seeing that he is now stronger than ever before. With Daimon retraining in order to regain Bandai's respect, he is given a special milk carton which GoYellow uses to create his own version of his master's move: the Milk Tornado Drop, which ultimately is instrumental in defeating Spartan.


  • Bandai possesses a considerable skill in his style of martial arts; being the teacher of Daimon Tatsumi, his skill is peerless and is proven to be strong enough to even take down Psyma Beasts.



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