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"Be on the watch, Power Rangers. I'm about to give new meaning to the old saying 'Stop and smell the roses!' Hyu hyu hyu!"
―The Terror Blossom's first words upon being created.[src]

"It’ll take more than three Power Rangers to stop me. Wait until you see the tricks I have up my leaves."
―The Terror Blossom when confronted by Jason, Zack and Trini.[src]

"Ah, come to join your friends have you? You should just surrender to me."
―The Terror Blossom when confronted by Tommy, Billy and Kimberly.[src]

"Who’s going to stop me? You six shrinking violets?"
―The Terror Blossom when confronted by all six Power Rangers.[src]

"Ah! A present from Lord Zedd! HU HU HU!"
―The Terror Blossom upon receiving one ofLord Zedd's Growth Grenades.[src]

"That's the best fertilizer I've ever used! HU HU HA HA!"
―The Terror Blossom upon growing.[src]

"So, you've done a little growing of your own have you? Well, tell me. How well can your Zord withstand the coooold?"
―The Terror Blossom when confronted by the Thunder Megazord.[src]

"Your future’s not too rosey Rangers. What don’t you just surrender?"
―The Terror Blossom reacting to the Thunder Megazord energising its Thunder Saber and his final words before his destruction.[src]

Terror Blossom was a cherry blossom tree-themed monster who served as the central antagonist of the three-part episode "The Ninja Encounter."


Terror Blossom.jpg

Terror Blossom is created by Lord Zedd from the petals of cherry blossoms inside Angel Grove Park after his magic caused a windstorm that threw them off of a tree. This occurs after Goldar had kidnapped Rocky DeSantos, Aisha Campbell, Adam Park and their teacher Mr. Anderson to turn into his own elite squad of evil ninjas. Terror Blossom's job is to destroy or at least preoccupy the Power Rangers long enough for Zedd's Serpent of Darkness to turn them irredeemably evil. Terror Blossom summons cherry blossom petals from nearby trees and makes them rain down on downtown Angel Grove. Due to Lord Zedd blocking their scanners, the Power Rangers have to travel by a method called "jetting" and is a less direct method of teleportation. Zordon singles out Jason, Zack, and Trini whilst the others try to free the hostages. They soon spot Terror Blossom just as he decides to create an army of identical Terror Blossoms to overwhelm the Power Rangers and destroy them before invading Angel Grove. The Rangers fly down and confront him with Zack and Trini jump kicking him, but the monster is unfazed. Terror Blossom teleports away to find a place to germinate his brethren.

With Terror Blossom threatening to duplicate himself and become unstoppable, Zordon has to call off the rescue attempt to pool the Power Rangers' strength. As the teams are called back, Terror Blossom resurrects Hatchasaurus, who the Rangers is forced to fight to stop him from annihilating the city. After defeating Hatchasaurus, the Power Rangers regroup but Terror Blossom summons cherry blossom petals from some trees and makes them rain down on Angel Grove again. The Power Rangers split up with Jason, Zack, and Trini confronting the Terror Blossom while the others return to their escape attempt. However, they are frozen by the poisonous petals of Terror Blossom. The remaining Rangers are forced to again abandon their rescue attempt and are teleported to the park where Terror Blossom and the frozen Rangers are. The monster is happy to have more Rangers to freeze and tries to do so, but they dodge and regroup around their friends before teleporting back to the Command Center. The rescue attempt is again waylaid as Billy tries to reverse the effects of the toxin. While they are busy, Terror Blossom decides to use the Angel Grove Power Plant as the place to gestate his Terror Blossom army by using the heat from the building's generator. Billy's Cell Based Stimulator is able to quickly unfreeze their comrades.

With the Rangers free, they confront Terror Blossom, but Zedd throws a Growth Bomb to the monster. With a giant monster intent on reaching the power plant to germinate his seeds, the Power Rangers are forced to summon the Thunderzords and form the Thunder Megazord. Terror Blossom unleashes his flower petals on the Thunder Megazord, exploding over the formation and causing it to lock up. Tommy aids them with the White Tigerzord which races through the explosions caused by more of Terror Blossom's petals. Tommy enters the cockpit and prepares to form Warrior Mode, but Zordon informs the Rangers that they have to rescue Adam, Rocky, and Aisha or Zedd's Serpent of Darkness will corrupt them beyond redemption. Tommy gathers Billy, Trini, and Kimberly to go rescue them while Jason and Zack fight Terror Blossom. As the fight at the Cave of Despair gets underway, Terror Blossom blasts them with more explosive petals. This topples the Thunder Megazord again but it almost immediately recovers and destroys Terror Blossom with a single slash.


Terror Blossom was a monster that stopped at nothing in trying to destroy the Power Rangers at all costs.

Powers and Abilities


  • Cherry Blossom Petals Generation: Terror Blossom could generate cherry blossoms from his body and manipulate them to his will for a variety of outcomes.
    • Cherry Blossom Rain: Terror Blossom could thrust both hands at cherry trees to make the petals fly off and rain down on Angel Grove.
    • Freezing: Terror Blossom could fire a large pink laser from his right hand to freeze Jason, Zack, and Trini in place.
  • Teleportation: Terror Blossom was able to teleport to any location at will by surrounding himself in a "tornado" of white energy and then exploding into pink blossom petals.
  • Monster Reviving: Terror Blossom could recreate monsters by firing pink energy beams from his hands at the ground as seen with Hatchasaurus.
    • Voice Granting: Terror Blossom was able to grant Hatchasaurus the ability to speak since he only spoke in feral growls and snarls before.


  • Depth Perception: Terror Blossom had depth perception despite having just a single eye.
  • Agility: Terror Blossom was able to roll over the top of his hand and back onto his feet after Jason swing kicked him down.


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  • Fists: Terror Blossom had no weapons of his own by default but had his bare hands to use in battle although he only "fought" hand to hand once and that immediately got him knocked down.

Behind the Scenes


  • Terror Blossom was voiced by Dave Mallow who gave the monster an airy voice that sounded like a psychopath.


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  • Terror Blossom's counterpart appeared before the White Ranger did in Dairanger, which was why the White Tigerzord neither attacked him and neither appeared in the same shot together.


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