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"Be on the watch, Power Rangers. I'm about to give new meaning to the old saying, "Stop and smell the roses!" Huhuhu!"
―Terror Blossom's first words upon being created.
"Ah! A present from Lord Zedd!HU HU HU!""
―The Terror Blossom upon receiving one of his master's Growth Grenades.[src]
"That's the best fertiliser I've ever used! HU HU HA HA!""
―The Teror Blossom upon growing.[src]
―The Terror Blossom reacting to the Thunder Megazord energising it's Thunder Sabre and his final words before his death.[src]

Terror Blossom is a cherry-blossom monster, created by Lord Zedd from a pile of petals. He serves as the main antagonist of the episode "The Ninja Encounter".


The Terror Blossom was created by Zedd from the petals of cherry blossoms. This monster possessed the ability to reproduce and possessed poison petals. Zedd sent Terror Blossom to attack Angel Grove. Monster attacked the city and encountered the Power Rangers. Terror Blossom was able to recreate Hatchasaurus and rangers were busy fighting with Hatchasaurus. After defeating Hatchasaurus, the heroes battled Terror Blossom. Jason, Zack and Trini were frozen by the poisonous petals of the villain. They were teleported back to the Command Center, and Billy tried to revert the effects of toxin, and he eventually succeeded. Then Zedd used his grow grenade and enlarged the monster. Terror Blossom unleashed his flower petals on the Thunder Megazord, so Tommy aided them with his Tigerzord. Zordon informed them that they had to rescue Adam, Rocky and Aisha or Zedd will convert them into his Dark Rangers. Tommy gathered Billy, Trini and Kimberly and they went to rescue Adam, Rocky and Aisha while Jason fought Terror Blossom. Shortly afterwards, Jason called for the use of the Thunder Saber and destroyed Terror Blossom in the cloud of flower petals.


Terror Blossom was devious, sinister and villainous monster, that will not stop to destroy the Power Rangers at all costs although he is very loyal to Zedd.

Powers And Abilities

  • Superhuman Strength-Terror Blossom easily overwhelmed all five Rangers and later the Thunder Megazord with remarkable ease.
  • Poison Petals Control-Terror Blossom can gesture his hands and spray forth a cloud of pink petals. Zordon stated that they were poisonous although all they did was freeze Jason, Zack, and Trini in place.
    • Damage Causing-Alternatively, Terror Blossom can spray pink petals capable of causing enough enough damage to take down the Thunder Megazord with one spray.
  • Monsters Recreating-Terror Blossom can recreate monsters in a cloud of pink petals, such as when he did this to the Hatchasaurus.

Behind The Scenes


  • Terror Blossom was voiced by Dave Mallow who gave the monster a truly unique voice that makes him sound like a psychopath.


  • Terror Blossom is the second monster in the series that possessed ability to revive the fallen monsters. The first is Doomstone.

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