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"Can you guess who the mole is now?"
―After being grown by The Scroll of Enpowerment.[src]
""It's time for me to hit the dirt!""
―Terramole's final words before his destruction.[src]

Terramole is a drill-themed mole monster who serves as the primary villain of the episode "Looming Thunder".

Character History

Terramole was sent by the Thunder Rangers to wreak havoc on Blue Bay Harbor. he has the ability to tunnel underground and surprise his opponents. He gets conferred by the Wind Rangers, and he use his burrowing ability to get the upper hand, the Yellow Ranger tried to use his Ninja Dirt Dive on him, but he was quickly out match. Terramole then retreated back underground, he then battled the Red and Blue Wind Rangers and was landing hard hitting blows until the Yellow Ranger came to the rescue, Terramole tried to escape underground but the Yellow Ranger used the Lion Hammer to force him out of the ground. He is destroyed by the Storm Striker, Hammer attack. When he grows, the Rangers summons the Storm Megazord to battle this mole monster, Terramole had the upper hand by diving under ground and sneak attack the Megazord, the Rangers then activated the Lighting Mode to battle Terramole, but with no luck, Cam then downloaded a new Power Sphere for the Storm Megazord, the new Power Sphere 4: The Ram Hammer, Terramole once again tried to escape, but with the new weapon, they were able to force him out of the ground and ultimately destroy Terramole.Looming Thunder

Terramole is seen in the alternate dimension.The Wild Wipeout

Terramole is among the monsters freed by Lothor from the Abyss of Evil.Storm Before the Calm


Terramole personality is similar to that of a construction worker, he loves to dig under ground and wreak havoc in the town.

Powers and Abilities

  • Strength: Despite being one of the early monsters, Terramole is powerful enough to overpower all three Ninja Rangers in the first battle.
  • Burrowing: Being a mole-type monster, Terramole can burrow underground at high speeds and can do sneak attacks on his enemies.
    • Earthquake: Also while digging, he can cause a massive earthquake.
  • Forehead Lighting Beams: Terramole can fire yellow lighting beams from his forehead.


  • Claws: Being a mole-type monster, Terramole has clawed hands for combat.


"Can you guess who the mole is now?"
―Terramole after using the Scroll of Enpowerment.[src]
"It's time for me to hit the dirt!"
―Terramole's final words before his destruction. [src]

Behind the scenes


  • Terramole is voiced by John Leigh.


  • Terramole is the very first monster to be fought by a Power Spear, The Ram Hammer.
  • Terramole is also the first monster of the season to be summoned by someone else and not from one of the Evil Space Ninjas.
  • Terramole is very similar to Moleman, a monster from Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue,
    • Both monsters are mole-themed.
    • Both monsters have the ability to dig underground.
    • Both monsters have a bit of a rivalry with the Yellow Ranger-type character.

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