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Terona Washington is the Yellow Ranger of the first Mighty Morphin Power Rangers team formed in 1969.[1]

Character History

Terona was a veteran serving in the military during Vietnam, he was teleported to the Command Center and chosen to be the Yellow Ranger by Zordon. He had a hard time getting along with Daniel, who was against the Vietnam War and told him that the USA had no business fighting there. This irritated Terone, who had seen horrible things in Vietnam and told the young protester to keep quiet as the boy had no idea what he was talking about. Following the failed mission in 1969, Terona was asked to surrender his Saber-Tooth Tiger Power Coin by Zordon. Terona did so in protest, angered with Zordon on his actions and failure to train them before the mission. He later joins Grace Sterling in founding Promethea.

Beyond the Grid

Terona in the present day

After a lengthy absence from the comic series, Terona reemerged in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Issue 31, where it was revealed that he had been working with Grace Sterling since the failed moon mission.

He is seen as her second in command and in charge of the technology of the Promethea

Yellow Ranger

Yellow Ranger



  • Terona's status as an earlier, male incarnation of the Yellow Mighty Morphin Power Ranger echoes Zyuranger's TigerRanger.
  • Much like his successor Trini, Terona seemed to have a problem with being in space. He was nauseated after being teleported to the Moon and once returning home he expressed a bit of relief that he didn't have to go into space again.
    • Given his older self in the present day has no issues with being in space due to working on Promethea, it is likely he similary overcame his fears much like Trini did.


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