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"I'm a big bad bug!."
―Termitetron´s words when grows for the Hydro-Regenerator.[src]

Termitetron is a monster combined the DNA of a fly and a pine, with wishing shrine. Appears in Power Ranger Dino Thunder episode Bully for Ethan.

Character History

Termitetron is sent to attack Reefside High, and deliver an ultimatum for Tommy to face off against Zeltrax. Termitron battles the Blue and Yellow Rangers on the school ground, and is later defeated by the Z-Rex Blaster, and the Thundersaurus Megazord's Ankylo Double Drill.

Powers and Abilities

  • Summon Flies: He can summon flies by his mouth.
  • Fly: With his DNA of a fly, he can fly,


  • Machine gun: With his machine gun in his right hand, he can blast energy beams.
    Termitetron (Bugs)

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